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c/n 1325

58-1999 at Coleman Barracks AAF.
Photo: Robin A. Walker © 15 June 1970  

c/n 1325




58-1999 US Army # 1879. L-20 No. 880, Command A-16. Delivered 06-Apr-1959.

C-GUHN Imported into Canada. Regd 1971.

C-GUHN F & M St. Louis Enterprises Inc. Regd May-1976.

C-GUHN Air Ste. Agathe, Ste. Agathe des Monts, QC. Regd prior to Cert of Airworthiness renewal dated 22-Apr-1977. Canx date.

C-GUHN Aviation B E N Ltée., Dolbeau, QC. Regd 12-Jul-1979. Canx 11-Jun-1991.

Accident: Dolbeau, QC. Lat 48.47N, Long 72.22W. 29-Oct-1982. After replacing the floats on the Beaver by its wheels, the pilot attempted to take off from an extremely short and tight strip with obstacles on both sides. Just after take off the left wing hit a tree and the aircraft swung to the left. The left wing was then torn off after hitting a post. This resulted in the aircraft cartwheeling into the river at the end of the strip. The pilot was killed.

C-GUHN Aero Nord Est Inc., Sept Îles, QC. Regd 11-Jun-1991.

C-GUHN North Atlantic Aviation Inc., Shawnigan, QC. Regd 28-Oct-2002.