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c/n 20
CF-FHG at Senneterre, Québec.
Photo: Sylvio Ménard © Date unknown

c/n 20



Entries preceded by date are extracts from Department ot Transport archives.

29-Sep-1948 DHC advise Department of Transport that they will be the owner of Beaver c/n 20.

01-Oct-1948 Test flown for Aeroplane Inspection Release Certificate by E. A. Wild.

01-Oct-1948 Certificate of Airworthiness #2945 issued.

01-Oct-1948 Application for registration, DHC-2 c/n 20 CF-FHG for de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd, Toronto (‘for demonstration’).

• CF-FHG de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd., Toronto, ON.  Regd 01-Oct-1948.

01-Oct-1948 Certificate of Registration #7649 issued to Arthur Fecteau.

22-Oct-1948 DHC advise Department of Transport that Arthur Fecteau is the new owner of Beaver msn 20.

23-Oct-1948 Application for registration by Arthur Fecteau, Senneterre, QC.

• CF-FHG Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aerien Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Regd 23-Oct-1948. Delivered 24-Oct-1948.

Accident: Lake Tessier, QC. 29-Jan-1951. Pilot Gilbert Comptois was transporting two passengers Charlie Neepush and his mother, Mrs J. C. Neepush to hospital, possibly at Oskelano. A search was conducted for four days before the aircraft was found. It appears to have entered a steep spiral right hand dive onto ice covered water; the engine had broken through 3 ft. of blue ice. The pilot was killed.

• CF-FHG Canx by Transport Canada 10-May-1951.

Removed from Register