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N14AK at Campbell River - CYBL, British Columbia.
Photo: Bob Kobzey © 28 April 2023 - Aird Archives
N14AK almost complete.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 22 December 2021
N203KL at Lake Hood for rebuild.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 17 September 2020
N203KL now with RdM, at Ketchikan.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 24 May 2018
N203KL landing at Kechikan, Alaska.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 27 May 2017
N203KL at Ketchikan, Alaska now.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 10 May 2017
N203KL helping out at Sausalito, California.
Photo: Matt Schroeder © 2016
N203KL with bigger tires, looks just right.
Photo: Ian Atkinson © September 2008
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 29 September 2007
N203KL no skiis yet?
Photo: Fred Wallis © 15 December 2006
N203KL in her new livery.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 04 January 2001 - Aird Archives
N203KL having some lakeside maintenance done.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1992 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
C-GGKA at Prestwick - EGPK, Scotland
Photo: Don Gilham © 03 July 1976
XR214 in SOAF service, shown here at Bait al Falaj.
Photo: Dave Lawrence © 07 April 1972 - Paul Tomlin Collection
XR214 over Oman capital city, Bait.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1967 - Richard Grevatte-Ball Collection
XR214 in earlier markings.
Photo: Richard Grevatte-Ball © 1966
XR214 gets some attention.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1966 - www
XR214 bakes at Salalah.
Photo: Unknown photographer © April 1966 - Robin A. Walker Collection


XR214 • 214 • C-GGKA • N203KL



de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield. Delivered 24-Feb-1961 to Hawarden, Chester via Liverpool Docks.. First flight, 11-May-1961.

XR214 Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Sultanat Oman / Sultan of Oman Air Force,. 06-Jun-1961

Taken on charge 5 Sqd 19-Jul-1961.

214 Re-serialled late 1972.

Struck off charge in 1974-1975 when replaced by Britten Norman Defenders.

Note: Ferried via Toussus, France, Hurn, and Prestwick, UK. To Canada between 03-Jun and early Jul-1976.

C-GGKA Keewatin Air Services Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. Regd May-1977.

C-GGKA Bearskin Lake Air Services Ltd., Big Trout Lake, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 20-Jun-1979. On CCAR at May-1981. Canx date currently unknown.

C-GGKA Caribou Air Ltd., Mattice Lake, ON. Dates unknown.

C-GGKA Gillam Helicopters Ltd., Gillam, MB. Possibly dba Gillam Air Services. Canx 22-Oct-1985.

Accident: Hayes River, MA. Lat 57.03N, Long 92.12.W. 05-Aug-1983. The pilot was taxiing to shore when the front seat passenger stepped out onto the right float; she was intending to throw a rope to men waiting to assist with beaching the aircraft. As she moved forward, with her back to the fuselage, the propeller severed her left hand. She fell into the water but remained conscious and held onto the aircraft until assisted to shore, she was not wearing a life-jacket. The control exercised over the activities of the passengers prior to and during the flight was less than adequate. Even though 4 of the 5 passengers were unfamiliar with small aircraft operations, they still weren't briefed on emergency exits or survival equipment, during the 45 min flight, the passenger consumed 2 bottles of beer after receiving permission from the pilot. The pilot did not restrict her exit or provide a briefing as he assumed she knew what she was doing. Many employees of the Federal Government (for which the passengers worked) spend time in remote areas and are exposed to this type of flying operation. In some cases "assistance with aircraft operations" is included in the employees' job description. However, at the time of the accident, the department provided no related training to employees. While there is no indication that the passenger was intoxicated, it is possible that stress and alcohol consumption may have affected her judgement.

C-GGKA Gillam Air Services (1985) Ltd., Gillam, MB. Regd. 03-Jun-1987. Canx 02-Jun-1989.

C-GGKA William A. Ferring, Armstrong, ON. Regd 02-Jun-1989. Canx 03-Mar-1992.

C-GGKA Kuby’s Aircraft Ltd., Kenora, ON. Regd 03-Mar-1992. Deleted 25-Mar-1992 on export to USA.

N203KL Charles E. Tulin, Anchorage, AK. Regd 26-Mar-1992. Canx 07-Apr-2005.

Airworthiness Date: 17-Jul-1992. Category – Normal.

N203KL Owned by Terrance Paul Sonday, Spring, TX. Operated by Alaska Air Taxi, Anchorage, AK.  Regd 07-Apr-2005.  Canx 03-Sep-2011.

Accident: Cooper Landing, AK. 28-Sep-2008. The airline transport pilot was making an off-airport landing on a glacier with passengers under Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 135. During the landing the left wing struck a tree, resulting in substantial damage. The pilot reported there were no mechanical problems with the airplane prior to the accident. Pilot and passenger uninjured. NTSB report ANC08LA131.

N203KL Terrance Paul Sonday, Spring, TX. Regd 09-Sep-2011.

N203KL RdM Pilot/Guide Ltd., Ketchikan, AK. Regd 03-Jan-2018.

Forced landing 03-Jun-2018 near Dora Bay, Prince of Wales Island, AK. All 7 okay. Aircraft noted at Lake Hood 17-Sep-2020. Rebuilt.

N14AK Redemption Inc., Kodiak, AK. Regd 01-Jun-2021.