C-GCWS on a gray day.
Photo:Kenneth I. Swartz © 18 July 2019
C-GCWS at the main Azilda seaplane base.
Photo:Kenneth I. Swartz © 29 July 2017
C-GCWS wintering at Whitewater Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Neil Ayers © 09 November 2014
C-GCWS at Geneva Lake, Ontario.
Photos: Marnie Ayers © 02 August 2013
Saidie captures her husband Reg Audette's safe arrival at Mishap Lake, Ontario.
Photos: Sadie Audette © May 2013
C-GCWS with new tail logo, at Azilda, Ontario.
Photo: Stephen R. Peck © 25 May 2012
C-GCWS for sale at Azilda, Ontario.
Photos: Neil Aird © 11 September 2003
C-GCWS in winter storage at Omar's..
Photo: © Rich Hulina
VH-IMG at Inverell, New South Wales,  undergoing maintenance.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © May 1990
VH-IMG tied down at Glen Innis.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss ©  


G-204 • N37766 • VH-IMG



G-204 Government of the Republic of Ghana, Ghana Air Force. Delivered 09-Mar-1961.

N37766 Resv’d 15-Sep-1976. Canx as N.t.u. (Officially Canx 08-Nov-2010).

VH-IMG Aerial Agriculture, Armidale, NSW. Canx 30-Dec-1997

C-GCWS Mount Lake Air Services, Elliott Lake ON. Regd 11-May-1998. Canx 23-Feb-2000

C-GCWS North Bay Aviation Ltd.,, North Bay, ON. Regd 23-Feb-2000. Canx 10-May-2000

C-GCWS 749563 ON Ltd., (Blakes Air Service), Elliot Lake, ON. Regd 10-May-2000. Canx 12-Mar-2001.

C-GCWS North Bay Aviation, North Bay, ON. Regd 12-Mar-2001.

C-GCWS William Day Construction Ltd.,, Copper Cliff, ON. Regd 14-Feb-2002. Canx 07-May-2006. Regd 13 and 14 Sep-2010 & 17-Jun-2011. Based North Bay, ON.

Mods include: EDO 4580 floats with hatches, cabin door domed windows. Total Time: 10,171 hours in May-2007.



All the details - nice work.
Photo: Neil Ayers © 28 February 2013