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CF-FHL Associated Airways at Yellowknife.

Photo: Henry Busse - NWT Archives © 1949




Entries preceded by dates are from Department of Transport archive files in Ottawa.

22-Dec-1948 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G.A. Neal.

23-Dec-1948 Application for registration by de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd., DHC-2 msn 32 (for demonstrations).

30-Dec-1948 Certificate of Airworthiness #2947 issued.

30-Dec-1948 Certificate of Registration #7651 issued to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd.

• CF-FHL Kashower Air Services Ltd., Edmonton, AB. Regd 12-Mar-1949.

Note: Bob Kashower, an aircraft dealer, owner of Kashower Air Services, also owned Weston Aviation based at Oshawa, which bought war surplus aircraft and converted them (but not this one) for civilian use. Bob lived in a trailer on site and had his office at the top of the control tower building from 1946 to 1950.

30-May-1949 application for registration by Associated Airways Ltd., Edmonton. AB

31-May-1949 Kashower Air Service Ltd., advise Department of Transport that CF-FHL sold to Associated Airways Ltd., Edmonton, AB.

01-Jun-1949 Certificate of Registration #7998 issued to Associated Airways Ltd.

• CF-FHL Associated Airways, Edmonton, AB. Regd 01-Jun-1949.

Accident: Lake at 63.52N & 112.37W (Drybones Lake?) Nr Yellowknife, NT. 29-Jul-1950. The pilot was preparing to take off from a lake near Yellowknife in the float equipped aircraft. The run up was normal and the pilot switched to the front tank which was full and took off. The pilot had to immediately land straight ahead in muskeg. No occupants were injured and although the floats were written off there was only minor damage to the aircraft. Examination of the aircraft in Edmonton revealed that persons unknown had placed paper serviettes in two of the fuel tanks. Sabotage was suspected. Aircraft repaired and returned to service. Pilot R.N. Page uninjured.

Accident: 150yds South of the mouth of the Steen River, 40 Miles North of Upper Hay River, Alberta 19-Oct-1952 The aircraft struck a sand bar on landing and turned over on its back. No injuries reported. Aircraft suffered substantial damage. The fuselage was wrinkled and wings damaged at fuselage. The rudder collapsed into the top of the fuselage and stabiliser. The propeller blades were nicked and the engine immersed in water. One float was badly damaged and the other ripped at the spreader bar attachment. Considered damaged beyond repair & written off. Pilot John R. Dapp and passengers Bud Marcue and Larry Mitanski uninjured.

Total time since new as recorded by Canadian Department of Transport.

04-Nov-1949   487 hours

10-Nov-1950   978 hours

03-Nov-1951   1,601 hours

14-May-1952   2,070 hours

• 04-Feb-1953 Cancelled CCAR.

• CF-FHL Canx by Transport Canada on 12-Jan-1953.

Fate Unknown