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52-6082 based at Pagwa, Northern Ontario.
Photo: Gerry Labarge © Early 1960's




52-6082 USAF #1244. L-20 No: 245 Command AF-3. Delivered 22-Jan-1953. Built as L-20A and re- designated U-6A in 1962.

52-6082 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrival 31-Jan-1964. Departed 13-Apr-1966, reportedly to US Army.

Fate Unknown

USAF History

The aircraft was made available to the USAF at AMO (Air Material Overseas), Downsview, ON., on 30-Dec-1952, and was accepted on 13-Jan-1953. It was assigned to the Air Defence Command and delivered to Stewart AFB., NY., on 22-Jan-1953 where it was initially attached to the 4700th Air Base Group which was responsible for the station support units, before it moved to the 9th Liaison Group on 15-April-1953. One month later on 20-May-1953 the aircraft moved to Selfridge AFB., MI., where it was attached to another section of the 9th Liaison Group and then on 01-Jun-1953 to the 4708th Defence Wing which became the re designated 575th Air Defence Wing on 01-Aug-1953. The aircraft remained with this allocation until 23-Mar-1954.

There then began a series of transfers back and forth between Selfridge and the 913rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron at Pagwa River Air Station, ON, Canada. The record card details for this aircraft between May-1956 are unclear but it is thought that these transfers continued until Mar-1959 but after this, although the aircraft continued to be deployed to Pagwa River, other locations came into the picture.

Emblem of the 913rd AC & W Squadron

These included Wurtsmith AFB., MI., with the 412nd CLM Squadron for five days in Mar-1959, and at Kincheloe AFB., also in Michigan from 02-Nov 1960 until 14-Jan-1961, returning to Pagwa River after each visit.

It is next shown as being at Davis Monthan AFB., AZ., with the 270th Air Storage and Disposal Group from early Jan-1964 until Mar-1966 after which it was possibly passed to the US Army but we have no further detail in this regard. It is possible that it was used for spares reduction.