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c/n 271
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c/n 271




51-16802 US Army #1085. L-20 No: 86. Command A-2. Delivered 30-May-1952. Built as L-20A and Re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N9006 Owned by James F. Searles, Challis, ID. Operated by Air Unlimited. Challis, ID. Regd Mar-1978.

Accident. Challis, Idaho, 05-Nov-1983., The pilot took off from the Simplot Ranch airstrip, which was located beside the middle fork of the Salmon river, approximately 27 miles northwest of Challis, ID. He departed downriver toward the northeast, but the destination was a US Forest Service strip about 7 mi. upriver to the southwest. A Course reversal normally would have been made about 6 mi. downriver. However, a turn- around was attempted over a relatively shallow (bench) area on the west side of the river, about 1-1/4 mi. from the departure strip, where, according to the operator, it could have been made under ideal conditions. The aircraft crashed in the bench area while on a westerly heading. It came to rest in an upright attitude with little evidence of forward velocity, but with severe vertical collapse. No evidence of a pre-impact mechanical malfunction or failure was found. Pilot and three passengers suffered fatal injuries. SEA84MA016.

N9006 Canx Apr-1985.

Fate Unknown