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c/n 303
51-16518 at unknown location.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown c.1954 - Aird Archives

c/n 303




51-16518 USAF #1115. L-20A No: 116. Command AF-1. Delivered 24-Jun-1952.

116518 ALAT Aviation de l’Armée de Terre. 29-Mar-1955.

Note: Received a new engine - 09-May-1955.

116518 Escadrille de Liaisons (ELA) 52 from 02-Jun-1955.

116518 Detached to Laos. 06-Oct-1955.

Accident: Damaged in a Typhoon in Laos. 29-Sep-1955. While serving with l’Armée de Terre.

116518 Scrapped 20-Feb-1956 following typhoon damage.

Fate Unknown

USAF History.

51-16518 was made available on 12-Jun-1952 and accepted on 18-Jun-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was assigned to the Tactical Air Command. It was delivered to Biggs AFB, El Paso, TX and joined the 1st Liaison Squadron remaining until 22-Jul when it moved to 3rd Liaison Squadron at George AFB, Victorville, CA. It was then reassigned to the Air Material Command and went to the Sacramento Air Material Area, at McLellan AFB, California on 08-Dec-1952 and on to Burbank, San Francisco, California on 29-Jan-1953 prior to embarkation to Japan and being assigned to the Far East Air Force.

Arriving in Japan on 22-Jan-1953 it was initially at the 6408th Maintenance and Supply unit at Kisarazu before joining the 3rd Liaison Squadron at Komaki on 09-May-1953. Moving on to Itazuke on 14-May-1953 it stayed until 29-Jul-1954. It subsequently visited the maintenance facility at Showa in Japan with the 6400th Air Depot between 29-Jul-1954 and 16-Oct-1954. It returned to Itazuke until 11-Mar-1955 after which under the Mutual Defence Assistance Programme it transferred to the ALAT - Aviation Légere de L’Armee de Terre. Detail of its service with that organisation is shown in the main history above.