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JZ-PAE getting some help on Lake Sentani, Jayapura, Indonesia.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c. 1962 - via Robert Schreurs - Aird Archives
JZ-PAE on Biak, Indonesia.
Photo: Jaap Horsthuis © 1961-1962 - Marco Dijkshoorn Collection - Aird Archives
VH-EAT of Qantas serving in New Guinea.
Photo: Unknown Photographer © 1953 - Eddie Coates Collection
Photo: Unknown Photographer © Air Pictorial
VH-EAT flying near Daru, western Papua New Guinea.
Photo: Ben Dannecker © 1956
VH-EAT working on wheels.
Photo: DHC © May 1957 (Print 5688)
VH-EAT and VH-EAU with a DHC engineer and George Neal.
Photo: DHC © September 1954 - DHC 905 - Aird Archives





No Regn de Havilland Australia. Ex Factory 15-Oct-1954. Delivered to Australia 07-Dec 1954.

VH-EAT Qantas Airways Limited. Purchased 08-Dec-1954. Regd 06-Jan-1955. Based Port Moresby, Papua-New Guinea. Canx 14-Apr-1958.

VH-EAT Reported as sold back to de Havilland Australia.

VH-EAT Australian Petroleum Company Pty., Ltd., Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Regd 14-Apr-1958. Canx 14-Apr-1958.

VH-FBV Australian Petroleum Company Pty., Ltd., Port Moresby, PNG. Regd 14-Apr-1958. Delayed canx Jun-1961.

JZ-PAE Netherlands Nieuw Guineaanse Luchtvaart Maatschappij (NNGLM) / Netherlands Government). Netherlands New Guinea Airlines. Regd 14-May-1961.

J2-PAE De Kroonduif. (KLM Royal Dutch Airliners). Regd 14-May-1961. Canx 31-Dec-1962.

Note: Named “Etnabaai” on 01-Jul-1961 during festivities of the Royal Dutch Air Force at Mokmer. The aircraft was float equipped at the time.

PK-GBD Garuda Indonesian Airlines – Merpati Nusantara. Regd. 01-Jan-1963. Canx 06-Jan-1964.

Fate Unknown