N24BR in the mist.
Photo: Ben Cogger © 02 November 2017
N24BR in the ice fog.
Photo: Ben Cogger © 12 December 2016
N24BR at Lake Hood - Anchorage.
Photo: Ben Cogger © 25 October 2016
N24BR off again, doing the "shuttle".
Photos: Colin Keith © 13 August 2011
N24BR at Anchorage.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © May 2006
N24BR at Lake Hood during the changeover.
Photo: Dirk Septer ©
C-GSKI gets a little attention at Whitehorse, Yukon.
Photo: Erik Johannesson © September 1986
C-GSKI under ominous skies at Vancouver South.
Photo: Glen Etchells © 12 April 1981
C-GSKI from the other side.
Photo: John Kimberley © April 1981 - Aird Archives

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53-2837 • N90410 • C-GSKI



53-2837US Army #1380. L-20 No: 381. Command A-4. Delivered 12-May-1954. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N90410 WSchool of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, MO. On USCAR 1974.

N90410 Willard Walpole, Golden, MO. Regd Sep-1979.

C-GSKI Sale reported on CCAR at May-1981.

C-GSKI Goldmark Mineral, Calgary, AB. Canx 05-Jul-1983.

C-GSKI Klondike Air Charter Services, Dawson, YT. Canx 19-Aug-1983.

C-GSKI Quace Engineering Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd Dec-1980. Canx 20-Apr-1989 on export to USA.

N24BR Branch River Air Service Ltd., King Salmon, AK. Regd Apr-1989.

N24BR Hartley Inc., / Branch River Air Service Ltd., King Salmon, AK. Regd 21-Aug-1989. Canx 13-Jan-2012.

Accident:-Alagnak River, AK. 31-Aug-1990. The pilot stated that during the takeoff run on the river, he lost directional control of the airplane. The airplane then struck the River bank. Pilot and four passengers un injured. Aircraft received substantial damage. The NTSB quoted the pilots inadequate pre-flight planning/preparation, his selection of unsuitable terrain, and his delay in aborting the takeoff as responsible for the accident. NTSB report. ANC90LA162.

Airworthiness Date: 28-May-1993. Classification - Standard restricted.

Accident:-50 mi. from King Salmon, AK. 07-Oct-2007. The commercial certificated pilot was conducting an off airport landing with passengers under Title 14, CFR Part 135, when the accident occurred. The pilot reported that he was on short final, 8-10 feet above the ground, when a "gust or something" lifted the right wing 50-60 degrees above horizontal, and the left wing struck the ground. He said he was able to level the wings, but the airplane touched down while drifting to the left. He reported that the airplane skidded forward about 50 feet and nosed over. The pilot reported the wind was from 300 degrees, at 25 knots, with gusts to 30 knots. The pilot and two passengers were uninjured. The airplane sustained damage to the left wingtip, the left wing aft attach point, and the right landing gear attach point. ANC08CA002

N24BR River Front Akn LLC.,  Anchorage, AK. Regd 24-Feb-2012.

Note: Possibly associated with Hartley Inc., as company address includes name Donna J. Hartley.