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3B-GD with sister ship.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1965 - Aird Archives





58-7023 US Army # 1961. L-20 No. 958. Command A-16. Delivered 1961. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

3B-GD Austrian Air Force/Österreichische Heeresfliegerkräfte,

Accident: Weiner Neustadt. 28-Jul-1967. Emergency landing in a field 2min after take-off. Three occupants were injured, one seriously. After the emergency landing, the Beaver collided with two walls and was completely destroyed.. The aircraft took off from Weiner Neustadt for a parachute jump detail with two pilots and four others including two parachutists.

The take off was without problems but after about two minutes the engine failed. At this time the fully loaded aircraft was at a height of about 60meteres. The pilot managed to bring the stalling aircraft just above the ground in a sideslip. On impact with the ground the undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft slid along the ground on its belly. The result of the accident was not improved by the fact that the aircraft hit two walls approximately two metres high which had been part of a WW2 revetment. On imact the two wings broke off and the cabin roof and cockpit were severely damaged. Three of the six occupants were thrown clear of the aircraft with slight injuries. Another suffered a serious head injury and the other two remaining in the aircraft suffered fractures and bruising.

Fate Unknown