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c/n 808
CF-IFO looking very sad indeed at Mistassini, Québec.
Photo: Bob Beaulac © date unknown

c/n 808



14-Jun-1955. Certificate of Airworthiness #4555 and Certificate of Registration #13489 issued 01-Jun-1955.

CF-IFO Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée. Senneterre, QC. Delivered 14-Jun-1955.

Accident: Mistassini Post, PQ. 50.32N 72.52W. 28-May-1966. The aircraft struck the veranda of a residence following take off. The pilot failed to remain over the water area for the take off probably becoming momentarily dazzled due to the reflection of t he sun on a tower lying in his climb out path. One of the witnesses reported a right turn was shortly followed by a tight left turn towards the south, and probably caused the aircraft to lose some altitude with the result that the left wing struck the top structure of the veranda of a cabin. The collision with the veranda caused the left wing to be entirely severed from the aircraft and caused it to rotate one and a half times on its horizontal axis prior to crashing into the river in an inverted position 250feet further on. The pilot Robert E. Stamp was killed.

CF-IFO White River Air Service, Timmins, ON. Regd prior to Cert of Airworthiness renewal dated 16-Aug-1972. Canx prior to Cert of Airworthiness renewal dated Jan-1973.

CF-IFO Lindbergh’s Hunt Fish Air Service, Lillabelle Lake / Cochrane, ON. Regd prior to Cert of Airworthiness renewal dated Jan-1973.

Accident: Cochrane, ON. 13-Jun-1975. The aircraft was landed long on glassy water and struck the shoreline. Passenger reported as receiving minor injuries. Pilot, Reginald Louttit, uninjured. Aircraft reported as destroyed.

CF-IFO Canx 01-Mar-1978 following accident in 1975.