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N67676 taking a break.
Photo: Todd Boettcher © 18 May 2016
N67676 off again.
Photo: Danny Hoggard 25 August 2013
N67676 watch out Chip!
Photo: Chip Porter © 30 October 2005
N67676 getting portrait taken.
Photo: Chip Porter © 06 August 2005
N67676 of Taquan at Ketchikan.
Photo: Tom Angster © 11 July 2005
Photo: Neil Aird © 16 September 2004
N93AK on Juneau pond.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Summer 1996 - Aird Archives
Photo: Ruben Husberg © 23 May 1992
N64395 in an overgrown Kenmore yard.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 15 October 1978

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54-1676 • N9771Z • N64395 • N93AK

N67676 (2)


54-1676 US Army # 1519. L-20 No. 520. Command A-6. Delivered 18-May-1955. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N9771Z Harold J. Hansen, Seattle, WA. Regd Jul-1970.

Airworthiness Cert: 23-May-1973.

N64395 Kenmore Air Harbor, Kenmore, WA. Regd Jan-1979

N64395 Michael Mills, Juneau, AK., DBA Air Centre, Juneau, AK. Circa June 1995. See 1985 accident report.

N64395 Stikine Air Service Inc., Wrangell, AK. Circa Jun-1985.

Accident: Gustavus, AK. 24-Jun-1985. While taxiing gusty wind and water current drifted the aircraft toward a parked boat. Subsequently the left wing tip struck the boat and was damaged. No damage to boat! Substantial damage to aircraft. Pilot uninjured. NTSB report SEA85LA150.

N64395 On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990.

N64395 Alaska Juneau Aeronautics Inc., DBA Wings of Alaska, Juneau, AK. 04-Jan-1989

N93AK Alaska (Spelt as Akasja on USCAR of 02-Mar-1990.) Juneau Aeronautics Inc., DBA Wings of Alaska, Juneau, AK. Re-Regd Feb-1991 & & on USCAR at 01-Oct-1994..

N93AK Venture-Travel Inc.,Ketchikan, AK. DBA. as Taquan Air LLC.,  Canx 04-Aug-2003

Accident: Juneau, AK. 12-Jul-2002. The pilot reported that he was repositioning the floatplane from the anchorage to the passenger docks. The pilot landed the airplane hard with a quartering tailwind, and inadvertently water looped the airplane. During the hard landing and water loop, the right float separated from the airplane. The airplane settled into the water, nosed over, and submerged, damaging the right wing. NTSB report ANC02LA076.

Note: Total airframe hours at Jul-2002 – 26,864 hours

N67676 (2) Venture-Travel Inc., Ketchikan, AK. DBA. as Taquan Air LLC.,  Regd 12-May-2003. Canx 21-Dec-2007

N67676 (2) Blue Aircraft LLC.,  Ketchikan, AK. Regd 22-Sep-2008.



Photo: Neil Aird © 16 September 2004