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CF-GCT at Dawson City, Yukon.
Photos: Unknown photographer © 1956 - George Millen Collection - vis David Hilchie / Ray Sande
C-FGCT having barrels of fun.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © May 1979 - Michael J. Ody Collection





Certificate of Airworthiness #3486 issued 14-Mar-1952

CF-GCT C. F. Pitts. (Sanderson Pitts Ltd). Delivered 14-Mar-1952.

CF-GCT Executive Air Service Ltd., Malton, ON. Certificate of Registration #13417 issued 03-May-1955.

CF-GCT Carl Millard, (Carl Millard Ltd), Toronto, ON. Registration date currently unknown.

Note: Carl Millard was a founder member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assoc. of Canada and Vice President in 1956.

CF-GCT Gold Coast Air Service, Rouyn. QC. Circa early 1960.

CF-GCT Air Fecteau Ltée, Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée. Senneterre, QC. Circa 1964,

C-FGCT Regn format changed prior to 31-Dec-1976.

C-FGCT Air Fecteau Ltée, Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée. Senneterre, QC. On CCAR for May-1981.

Accident: Comb Islands, 5318N 07902W, James Bay, QC. 28-Sep-1980.

Au cours du decollage entre des petits Iles de la Baie James, par une houle de 3 a 4 pieds, l’avion a heurte unt vague, a rebondi et a pris l’air, en retouchant, une rafale de vent l’a fait decoller a nouveau, mais l’avion a decroche et a percute la surface en pique incline a gauche. 6K.

During takeoff run between small James Bay Islands, in a swell of 3 to 4 feet, the plane struck a wave, bounced and became airborne, while retouching, in a gust of wind did take off again, but the aircraft stalled and struck the surface nose down and tilted to the left. Six persons sustained fatal injuries. Aircraft written off. Occurence No: A80A0022.

C-FGCT Deleted 26-Mar-1986 after accident.

Fate Unknown