G-ALOW publicity pose.
Photo: de Havilland Aircraft © c. 1952 - Aird Archives
G-ALOW graces the RAES garden Party,at White Waltham.
Photo: Gerald Lawrence © 15 June 1952 - Tony Clarke Collection
G-ALOW at the National Air Races, Birmingham - Elmdon.
Photo: Colin Sedgwick © July 1949
G-ALOW with admirers.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Dirk Septer Collection


G-ALOW • VP-YKA • 7Q-YKA • 9J-RKA • AF-408 • ZAF-408 • 9J-NAI



• G-ALOW de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, UK as a demonstrator. Delivered 03-Feb-1949. Regd 29-Apr-1949.

• VP-YKA London and Rhodesian Mining and Land Co., Ltd., Salisbury, Rhodesia. Regd 17-Oct-1952.

• VP-YKA Flights (1956) Ltd., Salisbury, Rhodesia. Circa Jan 1957.

• VP-YKA Central African Airways Corporation. Circa Feb-1960.

• 7Q-YKA Air Malawi from 1967

• 9J-RKA Details currently unknown

• AF-408 Zambian Air Force. Circa 1969

• ZAF 408 Zambian Air Force.

• 9J-NAI Details currently unknown.

• N5482J Newcal Aviation Ltd., Little Ferry, NJ. Regd 20-Sep-1984. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990, 29-Feb-1992 & 01-Oct-1994.

Note: Reported as arrived at Lanseria, 29-Nov-1990 for rebuild, possibly by Newcal, but no indication of such although still an assigned registration on FAA records as at Jan-2011, some 20 years later as “Sale Reported” and status “In question.”.

• N5482J Shown on FAA database as sale reported 29-Nov-2012.

Status Unknown