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c/n 458
52-6090 at Armstrong, Ontario.
Photos: James Craik © 1958 and 1960
52-6090 at Kincheloe AFB., Michigan.
Photo: Joe Sullivan © 1959 - via Dave Younger

c/n 458



52-6090 USAF #1252. L-20 No: 253. Command AF-3. Delivered 06-Mar-1953. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

52-6090 Stored at MASDC Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrived 24-Feb-1964. Inventory code unknown. Departed 13-Apr-1966, reportedly to US Army

52-6090 Stored at MASDC Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrival date unknown to Oct-1973. Inventory code unknown.

Fate Unknown

USAF history

52-6090 was made available to the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit) unit of the USAF at Downsview on 26-Jan-1953, and accepted 16-Feb-1953. It was assigned to the Air Defence Command and delivered to Stewart AFB., and the 4700th Air Base Group on 06-Mar-1953 where it remained until passed across to the 9th Liaison Squadron on the same base on 15-Apr-1953. This allocation lasted until 08-Sep-1953 after which it passed to the 575th Air Defence Group at Selfridge AFB., Michigan.

From here it moved to Canada and the 914th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron at Armstrong, ON.,, a unit which was part of the Pinetree Early Warning system. The squadron initially reported to the 3oth Air Division at Willow Run AFB., MI. It returned to the 575th Air Defence Group at Selfridge on 22-Jun-1955, perhaps for on line maintenance before returning to Armstrong on 06-Jul-1955. It stayed until 21-Mar-1957 when it went to the de Havilland factory at Downsview, ON.,, again for maintenance before returning to Armstrong on 01-May-1957. A long period was now served at this location with the 914th being re designated 4645th Support Squadron when Armstrong was connected to the Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) system on 08-Apr-1963, and the station became a long-range radar site. It would no longer guide interceptors but only look for enemy aircraft, feeding data to the Duluth Air Defence Sector SAGE DC-10 Data Centre of the 30th NORAD Region at Duluth AFB., MN.

Emblem of the 914th ACW Sqd.

Following the above mentioned change of system the aircraft moved to the 343rd Fighter Group at Duluth on 26-May 1963 remaining until 21-Feb-1964 when it was re assigned to the Systems Command with the 6511st Test Group (Parachute), and four days later the 6511st OM Squadron at Naval Air Station El Centro, CA.

The aircraft entered storage at MASDC Davis Monthan AFB., AZ arriving on 19-Mar-1965. It departed 13-Apr-1966, reportedly to the US Army. Any history with the Army is unknown but it appears back at MASDC Davis Monthan AFB., AZ on an unknown date leaving on in Oct-1973 again for unknown reason. Its inventory code for both stays is unknown.x