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c/n 125
CF-GQY salvage at Tazin Lake.
Photos: Unknown photographer © c October 1954 - Bob Neis Collection via Doug Chisholm
CF-GQY accident at Folk Lake.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c September 1951 - Bob Neis Collection via Doug Chisholm

c/n 125



Entries preceded by date are extracts from Canadian Department of Transport Archives.

17-May-1951 test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G.A. Neal.

18-May-1951 DHC advise Department of Transport that DHC-2 msn 125 CF-GQY owner will be Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert SK.

18-May-1951 Application for registration by Saskatchewan Government Airways.

21-May-1951 Certificate of Airworthiness #3486 issued, document prepared 31 May-1951.

21-May-1951 Entered on the register of Canada, Certificate of Registration #10177 issued 3-May-1951.

CF-GQY Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, SK. Certificate of Registration #10177 issued 21-May-1951. Delivered 29-May-1951.

Accident: Folk Lake, SK, 15 miles North of Goldfields, SK,10-Sep-1951 At the beginning of the take-off, throttles were open wide and due to the pilot's watching his boost gauge, the aircraft veered violently to the left due to torque action. The pilot was unable to correct the swing by dumping his water rudders & the floats hit the rock shore causing the float struts on the port float to collapse. Pilot, Harley Wayne Johnson uninjured..

18-May-1952 Inspection Release Certificate issued on completion of repairs by operator.

Accident: 59°37’N 108°16’W Tazin Lake, SK. 30-Sep-1954. Aircraft settled back after being airborne, dragging across a narrow peninsula and into the water on the other side. Snow freezing on the wings during takeoff coupled with a down draft due to high hills bordering the lake caused the accident. Pilot James Donald Barber.

20-Apr-1955 Inspection Release Certificate issued on completion of repairs by operator.

30-Aug-1965 Application for registration by North Canada Air Ltd., Prince Albert SK.

02-Sep-1965 Agreement: Sale of business and equipment of ‘Saskair’ (Her Majesty The Queen in right of Saskatchewan represented by the Provincial Treasurer).

03-Sep-1965 Temporary Certificate of Registration (for all former Saskair aircraft) issued to Norcanair, valid until 03-Oct-1965.

23-Sep-1965 Certificate of Registration #35108 issued to North Canada Air Ltd, Prince Albert SK.

CF-GQY Norcanair/ North Canada Air Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Regd 03-May-1951.

Accident: Unnamed Lake.. 55°35’N 105°05’W. About 30 ml North West of La Ronge, SK. 21-Aug-1973. A float was damaged on landing and the aircraft overturned. Substantial damage to aircraft. Pilot Ron O’Brian uninjured. It appears from the note at the bottom of this history that the aircraft sank and was not subsequently recovered for several years.

12-Sep-1973 Norcanair advised Department of Transport that CF-GQY was damaged beyond repair.

CF-GQY Canx 18-Sep-1973.

Total hours since new as recorded by Department of Transport.

14-May-1952   592 hours.

19-May-1953   1,281 hours.

07-Apr-1954   1,837 hours.

02-May-1955   2,191 hours.

05-Jun-1956   2,821 hours.

14-Jun-1957   3,436 hours.

20-Apr-1958   3,920 hours.

22-May-1959   4,949 hours.

25-May-1960   5,130 hours.

17-May-1961   5,837 hours.

05-Jun-1962   6,487 hours.

08-May-1963   7,079 hours.

10-Mar-1964   7,372 hours.

05-Mar-1966   7,788 hours.

18-Feb-1967   8,416 hours.

12-Feb-1968   9,225 hours.

13-Jan-1969   9,902 hours.

10-Jan-1970   10,555 hours.

24-Dec-1970   11,295 hours.

23-Dec-1971   12,070 hours.

30-Jan-1972   12,794 hours.

Note: Nov 2000. E-Bay -message posted “Beaver Fuselage Available” c/n 125 just salvaged from freshwater lake. Ferrous metals corroded, aluminium in good condition. Damage to wing root area. No Birdcage or tail feathers. Open to offers until 15-Nov-2000. Contact Wayne Wood, Located Air Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Status Unknown