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CF-JAT possibly at Goose Bay, Labrador.
CF-JAT  between Makkovik and Postville.  Pilot landed because of bad weather and checked supplies and emergency gear for a potentially long stay. The weather cleared after a few hours and they took off. In the meantime they managed to supplement the emergency rations with three partridge.
CF-JAT north of Hopedale, Labrador. The International Grenfell Association had a hospital ship (Small in-patient and x-ray facility, and Doctors and Dental clinics) called Stratchcona III. It's stern was designed that hospital aircraft could moor to it to exchange staff or patients.
Photos and comments:  Kit Wynes  © 1966 / 1967

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CF-JAT Eastern Provincial Airways Ltd., Gander, NL. Delivered 11-May-1956.

CF-JAT Eastern Provincial Airways (1963) Ltd., Gander, NL. Circa 1963-1969.

Note: Aircraft flew missions on behalf of Newfoundland Department of Health.

Accident: Lake Melville, NL. 20-Nov-1969. Details unknown other than sank in lake.

Additional information from Murdo Messer: It's last flight was from Goose Bay Labrador to a small community on the Labrador coast. The Pilot was, I believe, Ross Michelin. As the plane was flying over Lake Melville it developed engine trouble and had to make a forced landing on the lake near St. John Island. All on board survived. The aircraft apparently punctured a float and sank shortly after landing.

CF-JAT Canx 1969, following accident.

Fate Unknown