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c/n 90

PT-DXH in later scheme.
Photo: Photographer unknown © Date unknown
PT-DXH at Sao Paulo - Marte, Brazil.
Photo: Wesley Minuano © 1976
PP-ECF of VASP fires up at Congonhas.
Photo: Wesley Minuano © April 1971 - Jacques Guillem Collection 
PP-ECF with earlier markings.
Photo: Peter Bromley © NA3T
PP-ECF in colour.
Photo: Helio Bastos Salmon © Wesley Minuano Collection

c/n 90




• CF-GQL de Havilland Canada, Downsview, ON. Regd 23-Feb-1951.

• (CC-EMA) Not taken up.

• PT-AGI De Octavia Andride. Regd 12-Mar-1951. Canx 01-Dec-1951.

• PP-ECF VASP (Aerofotogrametria) – Viacao Aerea Sao Paulo, Congonhas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

• PT-DXH Roberto de Robertis.

• PT-DXH Omar Yurtseyer. Other details unknown.

Note: One of only two DHC-2 Beavers in Brazil (the other one was PT-AMY). This aircraft operated on floats for some time, and was last known of in 1988.

• PT-DXH Arnaldo de Oliviera, Belo Horizonte. Regd 27-Mar-1989.

Note:-Full entry on Brazilian CAR at 1999 is as follows: PT-DXH TPP007 002186 SBIH I A1P DH MAINTENANCEE 270389 C89 Arnaldo de Oliviera 1800096 R Santos Agostinho 685 Belo Horizonte MG30000 3272 90 010788.

Accident: Unknown location in Amazon Jungle. Circa 1988 or 1989. Crash landed and airframe abandoned at site.

Status unknown