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CF-OCF what remains of the wreckage in the bush.

Photos: Jeff Hueston © 14 May 2017

c/n 29



CF-OCF Province of Ontario, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Regd 04-Dec-1948 until written off 03-Jul-1950

Accident: 8ml W of Temagami in Chambers Township, ON. 27-Jun-1950. Crashed shortly after take off en route to Temagami.

The following is a personal report from Jeff Hueston  Thanks Jeff.

CF-OCF crashed, west of Temagami ON June 27, 1950. She was in float configuration at the time, and she was never salvaged.

I have these details because my father was on board the plane at the time.

My Dad worked for the Ontario Department of Lands & Forests, and he and two other foresters had been cruising timber in Chambers Township, in the vicinity of Crash Lake (I don't know whether this name was applied before or after OCF crashed there - I would guess after!). OCF went on June 27 to pick the three men up to take them back to Temagami.

The plane was loaded, and took off around 7 p.m. on the 27th. At about 150 to 250 feet over the south shore of the lake, the engine quit, and the pilot steered the plane down between two large trees, which sheared off both wings, and OCF came to rest tilted toward her right side.

All four occupants survived the crash without injury. They spent the night in the bush, trying to radio Temagami, but with no luck. The following morning they were able to raise Kapuskasing on the radio, and Kap contacted Temagami. CF-OBH was dispatched to fly the four men out. I believe the radios and engine were salvaged, but to the best of my knowledge the rest of the airframe is still in the bush close to Crash Lake. My brothers, my father, and I hiked in to the site on September 3rd, 1983, but our rendezvous time with our transport vehicle arrived before we were able to locate the plane. The bush in the area was very dense - we were awfully close, but we never found her. We haven't been back, either. (See additional notes below)

CF-OBH, the rescue plane, was a Norseman - I believe it crashed two months later, in the Temagami area as well.

CF-OCF Canx by Transport Canada 03-Jul-1950 as written off.

The following is an additional report from Jeff Hueston  Thanks again Jeff.

On May 14, 2017, my brothers and I tried again (Dad passed away in 1999), along with my daughter and our next door neighbour. We were better organized, and my neighbour knows how to navigate in the bush - long story short, we were successful this time. There is one float, several control surface pieces, and a number of pieces of fuselage wreckage still at the site. We were extremely happy to have found it, and we drank a toast to Dad and to ourselves while we were there.
I thought you might be interested in hearing the latest chapter in OCF's career.

Additional note: 03-Sep-2018


I just read Jeff Hueston's account of finding the remnants of the plane his Dad went down in near Temagami.  I don't know if you are in contact with him, but my Dad was the pilot of OBH the Norseman that extracted them.  My sister says the pilot was Cal Hull.  He lived near us in the Saulte.  You may wish to forward this to Mr. Hueston.

Bryan Hut - New Liskeard

Parts of wreck still extant