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N3060R in Ethiopia in good health.
Photo: Bob Ross © 1967 - 1968
Photo: James I. Coleman © Date unknown


57-6149 • N3060R



57-6149 US Army # 1811. L-20 No. 812. Command A-14. Delivered 18-Jul-1958. Built as L-20A and re- designated U-6A in 1962.

Operated with the 56th Field Artillery Group Aviation Section, Schwabisch Gmunden, Germany.

N3060R United States Mapping Service (Special Foreign Activity , New York, NY. Based Liddetta Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Regd 29-Jan-1965. Canx from CCAR 04 Mar-1968.

Note: Shown on FAA register with construction number as 57-6149 (as a DHC-1) and registered to Map Service, Special Foreign Activity APO 09231, New York, NY.

Note: N3060R is understood to have been a bogus registration to cover the fact that it was operating in Ethiopia and to salve local political feelings over the use of US military aircraft in the country.

Accident: Ethiopia Feb-1968. Aircraft damaged “Beyond Economic Repair”. The wings were flown out by C-47 N91260 and the fuselage was trucked back to Liddetta Airport. The hulk was taken to the Addis city dump, after which it completely disappeared in a matter of less than three hours.

57-6149 Date terminated Feb-1968.

Broken Up (Scavanged)


Courtesty Lee Miller of
N3060R comes to grief, brakes locked, the rest we can see.
Photo: US Army Official © 1969 - via Bill Phillipson
N3060R comes back to base ignominiously on a truck!
Photo: Jack Millar © 1969
The wings of N3060R being loaded onto C47 N91260 for transport back to Lidetta Airport, Addis Ababa.
Photos: Jack Millar © 1969 - via Lee Millar
N3060R just before finally heading off to rubbish dump!
Photo: William H. (Bill) Phillipson © 1964
I think we can safely say now we know the whole story of U-6A Beaver c/n 1241, or can we?