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51-16563 on the very day of accident at Abashiri, Japan!
Photo: Jack Kramer © 11:08 local, 29 May 1953 - via Scott Kramer and Danny Hoggard




51-16563 USAF #1179. L-20 No: 180. Command AF-1. Delivered 30-Sep-1952. Built as an L-20A.

Destroyed by fire

USAF History

51-16563 was made available on 17-Sep-1952 and accepted on 22-Sep-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command at Alexandria AFB., LA., and the 6th Liaison Squadron on 30-Sep-1952 where it remained until 30-Dec-1952. From here it moved to the 3rd liaison Squadron at George AFB., CA., staying for just eight days until passing to McLellan AFB., with the Air Material Command and the Sacramento Repair and Maintenance Area (SARAR) on 08-Jan-1953 prior to moving to the San Francisco embarkation port for the Far East.

It arrived in Japan at Kisarazu and the 6408th Maintenance Support Group on 29 Jan-1953, spending until 24-Mar at the unit before moving to the 3rd Liaison Squadron at Komaki, Nagoya. This unit completed several deployments and one was at Misawa, in Northern Japan. It suffered an accident at Abashiri, Japan on 29-May-1953 with category 4 damage (serious / destroyed) in a takeoff accident where the pilot Beryl D. Budd was killed. Its assignment terminated on 23-Jun-1953.

A series of images starting at 30 seconds after the crash.

Photos: Jack Kramer © 29 May 1953 - via Scott Kramer and Danny Hoggard