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CF-GCQ with Eastern Provincial.
Photo: Roy Brown © Dave Brown Collection July 1960




Entries preceded by dates are extracts from Department of Transport files held at Archive Canada

28-Nov-1951 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by W. Ferderber.

01-Jan-1952 Allotment of Registration CF-GCQ to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd.

05-Feb-1952 de Havilland Aircraft of Canada advise Department of Transport that Rimouski Airlines Ltd are owners of DHC-2 #167 CF-GCQ.

05-Feb-1952 Certificate of Airworthiness #3609 (paper certificate issued 18-Feb-1952).

CF-GCQ Rimouski Airlines Ltd., Mont Joli, QC. Delivered 08-Feb-1952.

27-Feb-1952 Entered on Register of Canada.

27-Feb-1952 Certificate of Registration #10738 issued to Rimouski Airlines Ltd.

14-Aug-1953 Certificate of Registration amended to reflect name change to Québecair Inc.

CF-GCQ Québecair, Dorval, QC. Regd Aug 1953.. Rimouski had merged with Gulf Aviation.

Note: In his book “That Little Airline That Could, Eastern Provincial Airways, The First Fifteen Years”, Marsh Jones writes; “Jim Lewington and I picked up the two Beavers GCQ and GQF which we purchased from Rimouski Airlines on June 7 [1956] and flew them to Gander via Havre St. Pierre for refuelling.”

08-Jun-1956 Application for Certificate of Registration, DHC-2 s/n 167 by Eastern Provincial Airways, Gander NL (‘date of manufacture 27-Feb-1952’).

14-Jun-1956 Entered on Register of Canada (document issued 20-JUN-1956).

20-Jun-1956 Certificate of Registration #15279 issued to Eastern Provincial Airways.

CF-GCQ Eastern Provincial Airways Ltd., Gander, NL. Regd Jun-1956.

Apr-1958 “Fitted with water dropping tanks as a temporary installation” included in Weight & Balance calculations, no explanation.

Accident: Rushy Pond at Grand Falls, NL. 06-Oct-1958. While taxiing the aircraft on water, the pilot failed to compensate for heavy crosswind conditions. The aircraft capsized and sank. This caused substantial damage with water damage to the engine and instruments. There was minor damage to the leading edges of the wings and port wing tip. Minor damage to the top of the engine cowl was evident. The wing leading edges to fuselage fairings were damaged. The wing root fittings to both wings let go when the aircraft was raised. Repaired in-house by Dec-1958.

Mar 1960 Reported as operated on Edo 58-4580s and Federal AWB-4820 skis.

24-Sep-1963 Application for Certificate of Registration by Eastern Provincial Airways (1963) Ltd. (change of name).

30-Sep-1963 Certificate of Registration #29886 issued to Eastern Provincial Airways (1963) Ltd.

CF-GCQ Eastern Provincial Airways (1963) Ltd., Gander, NL. Regd 30-Sep-1963.

31-Dec-1970 Bill of Sale; Eastern Provincial (1963) Ltd., to Newfoundland Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL (along with EYQ, GQF, OCG, OUQ plus a 180 and five Otters).

31-Dec-1970 Application for Certificate of Registration by Newfoundland Airways Ltd.

05-Jan-1971 Temporary Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Airworthiness issued to Newfoundland Airways Ltd.

11-Jan-1971 Certificate of Registration issued to Newfoundland Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL.

CF-GCQ Newfoundland Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. Regd 11-Jan-1971.

03-Aug-1971 Application for Certificate of Registration by Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. (same principals as Newfoundland Airways)

30-Aug-1971 Certificate of Transfer of Ownership; Newfoundland Airways to Labrador Airways

10-Dec-1971 Certificate of Registration issued to Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL.

CF-GCQ Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. 10-Dec-1971.

21-Dec-1981 Cancelled CCAR.

Accident Goose Bay Airport, NL. 25-Feb-1976 Swung off Runway 27 at Goose Bay during a landing roll and hit snow bank, left wing and gear damaged. Pilot, sole occupant uninjured.

08-Apr-1976 Flight Permit to ferry Goose Bay - St-Jean QC unused ex-USAF left wing to be installed by St-Louis Aviation Inc, St-Jean, QC.

Accident: Battle Harbour, NL. 52 16 N, 55 35W. 31-Jul-1976.  Crashed; three occupants sustained fatal injuries.

The following is an extract from narrative on a display item at the Battle Harbour museum in Labrador:

Given Battle Harbour's location off the coast of Labrador on Battle Island, transportation to and from the settlement was either by sea or by air. Although the movement of the majority of individuals to the island was by ship, it was not uncommon for some Government officials and others to be brought to the island by plane. In July of 1976 two federal weights and measures inspectors were flown to Battle Harbour to inspect and certify a number of scales that were being use in the company stores to ensure they were in compliance with federal standards. The inspectors and their pilot left Battle Harbour on Sunday in foggy conditions. As they banked around behind the town their wing caught a rock escarpment and slammed into the hillside. It was not until the following day that the locals were able to determine what had happened and check for survivors. All three men died in the crash.

CF-GCQ. Labrador Airways Ltd., Goose Bay, NL. Canx 18-Dec-1981 following accident.

Summary of Total Time since new as recorded in Department of Transport archives.

07-Jan-1953   499 hours

21-Mar-1957   3,087 hours

26-Mar-1958   3,894 hours

20-Mar-1959   4,608 hours

24-Mar-1960   5,464 hours

17-Mar-1961   7,803 hours (!)

08-Dec-1961 DoT examined log books and correct TTSN to 6,990 hours

03-Apr-1962   7,153 hours

15-Jul-1963   7807 hours

—Jun-1964   8,467 hours

21-Jun-1965   9,191 hours

30-Jun-1966   9,684 hours

18-May-1969   11,300 hours

—Dec-1969   11,722 hours

28-Apr-1970   11,928 hours

08-Jun-1971   12,375 hours

18-May-1972   12,882 hours

24-May-1973   13,322 hours

26-May-1974   13,879 hours

29-Apr-1975   14,630 hours

16-Jun-1976   15,167 hours


Photo: Keith Connors © July 2017