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CF-GYM fleet number 708
Photo: Unknown photographer © Summer 1967 - Ruben Husberg Collection
CF-GYM at Lardeau, British Columbia.
Camera: Ansco Craftsman (a fixed-focus box camera that was sold only in kit form. Took 8 large format photos per roll of size 120 film). Film: Kodacolor. Thanks to Art for this historic image of CF-GYM in Pacific Western livery.
Photo: Art Carson © July 1963
CF-GYM in typical coastal floating camp setting.
Photo: Rod Digney © August 1961 - Aird Archives
CF-GYM awaits.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Aird Archives
CF-GYM in first PWA livery.
Photo: Dave Robertson © September 1957 - Greg Robertson Collection - Aird Archives




CF-GYM Understood aircraft leased to Aluminium Company of Canada.

CF-GYM Royden Stanley Shultz, Vancouver, BC. Regd 28-Mar-1952.

Accident: Boston Bar, BC Lat 49.59N Lon121.35W. 10-Feb-1954. While being ferried to Williams Lake, Vancouver by Aluminium Company of Canada Ltd., pilot N. D. Hartnell a precautionary landing was made on the closed airport at Boston Bar, BC to await better weather. After rolling about 125’ on crust of 8” snow it broke through and nosed over. Substantial damage caused to propeller blades being curled back approx 30 degrees.

15-Mar-1954 Pacific Western Airlines advise Department of Transport that aircraft is in their Vancouver hangar and that they are contemplating buying it.

24-Mar-1954 Bill of Sale; Royden Stanley Stultz to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd ., Vancouver, BC.

24-Mar-1954 Pacific Western Airlines advise Department of Transport that they have commenced repairs to GYM.

13-Apr-1954 Application for registration by Pacific Western Airlines Ltd.

14-Apr-1954 Certificate of Registration # 12860 issued to Pacific Western Airlines.

15-Apr-1954 application for renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness.

CF-GYM Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Fleet no 708. Certificate of Registration #12890 issued 14-Apr-1954.

Accident: Sovereign Lake, BC, Lat 52.56N Long 121.52W. 20-Aug-1956. Unable to out climb terrain in downdraft and turbulence after take off from Sovereign Lake BC, turned left, stalled into swamp, slid along grass, hit tree. T. Hugh Russell uninjured.

14-Dec-1956 Application for renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness

08-Dec-1967 Application for registration by Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd., Prince George, BC.

08-Dec-1967 Certificate of Registration # (43863?) issued to Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd.

CF-GYM Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd., Prince George, BC. Regd 08-Dec-1967.

Accident: 5 ml northwest of Fort St. James BC. 54°30’N 124°20’W. 06-Feb-1971. Ski /wheel configured. Shortly after takeoff the pilot reported by radio that he had encountered low clouds and fog. He stated he would either return or attempt to climb on top of the clouds. Nothing further was heard and a search was launched. Found 07 Feb on SW side Mount Pope, seven miles NW Fort St James. Bryan Maitland and six passengers sustained fatal injuries. Substantial damage to the aircraft.

15-Nov-1971 Northern Thunderbird Air report wreck stripped and sold as scrap. Builder’s plate in their possession.

22-Apr-1953    998 hours

15-Apr-1954   1,320 hours.

14-Dec-1956   3,253 hours

21-Nov-1958   4,879 hours

17-Nov-1960   5,428 hours

04-Mar-1961   6,100 hours

30-Mar-1962   6,667 hours

05-Mar-1963   7,151 hours

04-Mar-1964   7,660 hours

22-Mar-1965   8,071 hours

02-Mar-1966   8,439 hours

24-May-1967   8,701 hours

26-Nov-1968   9,538 hours

18-Nov-1969   10,396 hours

10-Nov-1970   11,030 hours

CF-GYM Canx on CCAR 23 Jun 1973 as deleted.

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