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c/n 129
IAA-101 of Grupo Aeronaval Antartico
Photo: Unknown photographer © Robin A. Walker Collection
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c/n 129




N1523V The Babb Co., Inc. Delivered 13-Jun-1951. Canx 24-Dec-1954

IAA-101 Subsecretaria Defensa Nacional.

• Instituto Antartico Argentino "Coronel Hernan Pujato" (Argentine Antarctic Institute) 23-Jan-1956.

Note: Little is recorded of the history of this aircraft other than it supported the Argentine Antarctic Expedition in Jan-1962. It also flew various supply missions to the new Argentine Maraimbo base in support of the construction of a runway during Aug & Sep-1969. It was flown by Aeronaval pilots on wheels, skis and floats at various times and operated from the Argentine Icebreaker ARA General San Martin and Aeronaval Station Petrel, a summer base at the very tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Note: Reported as destroyed by fire on 29-May-1970.

IAA-101 Withdrawn from use – 1974.

Fate Unknown

Further detailed research ongoing on this airframe by John Davis.