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c/n 291
51-16510 with fellow USAF L-20A.

Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1953 - Source www.

c/n 291



51-16510 USAF #1104. L-20A No: 105. Command AF-1. Delivered 18-Jun-1952. Built as L-20A and Re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Fate unknown

USAF History

51-16510 was made available on 06-Jun-1952, accepted on the same day by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was assigned to the Tactical Air Command. It was delivered to Pope AFB, Fayetteville, North Carolina on 18-Jun-1952 where it was attached to the 4th Liaison Flight until 22-Jul-1952 when it moved to Shaw AFB, Sth. Carolina for the 2nd Liaison Squadron where it stayed until 13-Feb-1954.

It then moved to Clovis AFB NM (now Cannon AFB) and was allocated to the 388th Fighter Bomber Wing after which it transferred to the 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at Shaw AFB, (RCT), SC on 26-Jun-1954. After only three weeks it returned to its previous unit at Clovis on 16-Jul and then to the 312nd Fighter Bomber Wing at the same location on 01-Nov-1954. During this attachment it suffered a category 3 damage (medium/serious) following a landing accident caused by mechanical failure at Clovis on 19-Dec-1954. The pilot was Gene Clinton Wert.

There followed a period at the de Havilland factory at Downsview, Ontario from 29-Mar-1955 until 12-May-1955 after which it returned to active service back at Clovis with the 312nd Fighter Bomber Wing. The unit and the aircraft underwent deployments to Wendover AFB in Utah and Bryan AFB, Texas for a couple of weeks at a time and the aircraft is reported to have suffered an accident at Bryan AFB on 14-Mar-1956 but this has not been confirmed. However there is no further record of the aircraft.