C-FOCS at Trout Lake, near North Bay, Ontario.
Photo: Andy Cline © 07 July 1991 - Michael J. Ody Collection
Photo: © Neil Aird
CF-OCS at Air Kipawa base.
Photos: Rick Wilbee © 1974
CF-OCS with Ontario Northern Airways visiting Port Arthur, Ontario.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Dirk Septer Collection





• CF-OCS Province of Ontario Government. Department of Lands and Forests Sault Ste. Marie. ON. Delivered 14-Jun-1949 and operated until 1964.

• CF-OCS Ontario Northern Airways Ltd., Jellicoe, ON. Circa 1967.

Note: Purchased for $39,000 in summer of 1965.

• CF-OCS Gander Aviation Ltd., Gander, NL. Jan-1967 and canx prior to C of A dated 27-Nov-1971.

• CF-OCS Bramed Resources Ltd., Whitehorse, YT. Regd prior to C of A dated 27-Nov-1971. C of A not renewed for 1972.

• C-FOCS Air Kipawa, (Kipawa Air Service Ltd.) Kipawa, QC. Regd prior to C of A dated 22-Sep-1973 until canx 26-Aug-1986.

• C-FOCS Air North Bay Inc. Trout Lake/North Bay, ON. Regd 21-Oct-1987. Canx 08-Jul-1996

Total time: 16,027.0hrs on 15-Feb-1993.

• C-FOCS Air Kipawa Inc., Kipawa, QC. Regd 05-Aug-1996.

Accident:-Saskatoon, SK. 29-May-1997. Pilot Wayne Wood (49) survived. TSB accident report A97C0089. Reported as operated by Athabasca Airways.

• C-FOCS Canx 06-Jun-1997. Possibly leased to Athabasca Airways, Prince Albert, SK.

• C-FOCS T. C. Leasing Ltd., La Ronge, SK. Regd 29-Sep-1997 & 06-Nov-2003. Canx  & deleted 15-Apr-2020

Note: Aircraft remained in original condition without porthole and has ventral floatplane fin.

Note: Remains only the main fuselage having been burned. Tail parts used in rebuild of another aircraft.

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