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VP-FAL for FIGAS, at Downsview - CYZD, Ontario.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 17 March 1967 - Michael J. Ody Collection
VP-FAL dumped at Moody Brook.
Photo: Pat Banks © February 1985 - Adrian M. Balch Collection


VP-FAL (2)


• Delivered 14-Mar-1967.

VP-FAL (2) Government of the Falkland Islands.

• FIGAS, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.

• Capsized and sank, Aug-1976.

• Wreck still at AAC Murray heights.

• Wings marked VP-FAL on dump at Stanley, early 1993.

• Destroyed


Purchased new (painted red overall) from DHC by the Falklands Islands Government for FIGAS and, accompanied by Beaver VP-FAK, departed Downsview as a landplane on 22 March 1967 for Pittsburg PA; Florence SC and Fort Lauderdale FL. Left there 25 March 1967 and routed via Panama; Tolara & Lima, Peru; Antofagasta, Puerto Montt & Punta Arenas, Chile to Stanley Racecourse where it arrived, with VP-FAK, on 30 March 1967. Converted to a floatplane and flight-tested from Stanley Harbour by J.Kerr on 13 June 1967.

It remained in FIGAS service until 10 August 1976 when it capsized and sank (without casualties) in a taxying accident at New Island, West Falkland, while being flown by a relief pilot (J. Levine). Recovered and shipped to Stanley where, as a result of damage sustained during the salvage operation, it was declared "beyond economical repair" and reduced to spares and scrap. All, or part, of the fuselage was reported to be dumped outside the floatplane hangar on 16 August 1982, while on 18 May 1983 a wing marked VP-FAL was noted in the grass at Moody Brook near Stanley. Later around April 1993 it was noted at the Mary Hill rubbish dump near Stanley Airport.

Below are three photos of the wings and fuselage remains. Note: I believe the fuselage is that of VP-FAV (1233)

Photos: Terry Blackband © January 1993 - Aird Archives