C-GCZA at Campbell River, on 13 April 2012.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 13 April 2012
Photo: Bob Kobzey © 11 January 2012
C-GCZA arrives at Horse Lake, near 100 Mile House, BC.
Photos: Wayne Walker © 24 July 2008
C-GCZA blends right in, part of the Canadian landscape.

Leaving Kamloops, British Columbia.

C-GCZA first enters the water after her rebuild at Kamloops.
Photos: Scott Vance © 24 July 2008 - Mountainaire Services Ltd.
N67684 (2) at Renton, Northwest Seaplanes.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1995 - Aird Archives
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 28 September 1994
N67684 (2) at BFI.
Photo: J. A. Morrow © 26 September 1993 - Aird Archives
Photo: Elwood White © September 1992
N1667 at Seattle's Boeing Field.
Photo: Ruben Husberg © 11 October 1990
N1667 caught showing dual markings C-FQQF
Photo: John Kimberley © December 1989 - Aird Archives
N1667 lookking fresh at Vancouver.
Photo: John Kimberley © September 1989 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
Photo: John Kimberley © June 1989 - Aird Archives
C-FQQF in Squamish Air titles at Vancouver.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1986  -  Aird Archives
Photo: Eric Bannwarth © August 1986 - Aird Archives - via Alberto Storti
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 28 July 1984
Photo: John Kimberley © May 1984 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © 15 January 1984 - Aird Archives
Photo: Glen Etchells © January 1984
C-FQQF on wheels.
Photo: John Kimberley © slide processed February 1984
C-FQQF of Island Air at Campbell River with Island Air.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 21 August 1980
C-FQQF awaiting pax at Coal Harbour.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 01 August 1980
C-FQQF at the Tyee Spit base, Campbell River, BC.
Photo:Unknown photographer © September 1976 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection


FAP-382 • CF-QQF • C-FQQF • N1667 • N67684(1)



FAP-382 (64-382) Peruvian Air Force / Fuerza Aérea del Peru. Delivered 01-Mar-1967.

Note: In 1960 the Peruvian Air Force undertook an extensive re-numbering process and a USAF-type two-digit prefix came in use for the year of procurement, e.g. 64-5?? for a Transport aircraft, but this prefix does not appear to have been used on aircraft when the later Beavers were delivered as photographs show. There is an indication that Beavers were later re designated as a miscellaneous type and renumbered in the 300-range. It is possible therefore that this aircraft was officially serialised 64-582 and then 64-382, although only carrier the numerical last three of the numerical serial.

CF-QQF Elipse Consultants Ltd., Regd Aug-1971. Canx date currently unknown.

C-FQQF Island Airlines, Ltd., Campbell River, BC. Regd prior to Cert of Airworthiness renewal dated 26-Jun-1972. On register at 1976.Canx date currently unknown.

C-FQQF Air BC Ltd., Richmond, BC. Stored Vancouver, BC. On CCAR at May-1981. Noted YVR on wheels 11-Dec-1982.

C-FQQF Squamish Air Services Ltd., Squamish, BC. Regd 23-Mar-1982. Canx 12-Oct-1989.

Accident: Port Alberni, BC, Lat 49.09N, Long 124.48W. 11-Aug-1986. The aircraft was departing from the Alberni Canal for a flight to Jervis Inlet, BC. The purpose of the flight was to transport salmon fingerlings to a fish farm located on Vanguard Bay. As the aircraft was lifting off, the right wing rose, and the left wing dug into the water. The aircraft cartwheeled, coming to rest in an inverted position, and sank to the floats. Both occupants were able to escape from the aircraft safely. At the time of the accident, the ceiling and visibility were unlimited, and the wind was from the south at 15 gusting to 20 mph. The take-off was to the southeast, in an area protected from the wind by a point of land. As the aircraft came up on the step, it emerged from the sheltered area and encountered the wind from the right quarter. A gust of wind lifted the right wing up, causing the left wing to dig into the water. The pilot was unable to compensate for the sudden change of wind speed and direction.

C-FQQF Pacific Aircraft & Salvage, Richmond, BC. Regd 12-Oct-1989. Canx 04-Dec-1989.

N1667 Steve Fowler, Anchorage, AK. Reserved 30-May-1992. Regd Aug-1992.

N67684(1) Northwest Seaplanes Inc., Renton, WA. Regd 14-Sep-1992. Canx 18-Jun-1998.

C-GCZA Air Rainbow Mid Coast, (444316 B.C. Ltd.), Campbell River BC. Regd 19-Jun-1998. Canx 09-Nov-1999 and again 19-Jan-2001.

Accident: Saturna Island, BC.15-Jul-1998. On flight from Campbell River to Renton, WA, whilst leased from Northwest Seaplanes the weather deteriorated and pilot elected to land on water to await improved conditions. As he landed pilot recognised improved weather ahead and instigated an overshoot. However during overshoot procedure aircraft stalled and crashed in a steep nose down, left wing down attitude.  Onenfloat was torn off.Aircraft initially remained upright and pilot and passengers evacuated with life jackets. Aircraft then capsized. Occupants recovered by C-GCYX, which had been flying on same route immediately behind ditched aircraft and transported them to Mayne Island in Bennett Bay. Aircraft suffered substantial damage, but no injuries reported. CADORS report 1998P0456. TSB report A98P0194.

Note: Rebuilt by Mountainaire Aviation, Kamloops, BC in 2008. First flight and water landing after 30 month rebuild 24-Jul-2008.

C-GCZA Wayne & Maria Walker, 100 Mile House, BC. Regd 09-Feb-2006. Canx 24-Jun-2011.

C-GCZA Colin Moyes, West Vancouver, BC. Based Pitt Meadows. Regd 24-Jun-2011.

Accident: 15 nautical miles southwest of Kelowna. On 13 May 2012, a privately registered de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver on amphibious floats departed Pitt Meadows, BC, on a flight to Kelowna and return. After landing and dropping off 1 passenger in Kelowna, the aircraft took off again at about 18:27 Pacific Daylight Time for the return leg of the flight to Pitt Meadows, with 3 passengers on board. Witnesses saw the aircraft crash in a wooded area alongside Highway 97C, near the top of the mountainside forming the Okanagan valley. An emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal originating from the aircraft was recorded at 18:50 hours. All 3 passengers on board perished and a post-impact fire destroyed most of the wreckage. Aviation investigation A12P0070.