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Photo: Dominique Prinet © c.1971-1972 - Aird Archives
CF-IFG DHC paint shop drawings.
Photo: Neil Aird © Drawings & samples DHC



CF-IFG Standard Gas & Oil Co. Delivered 07-Jun-1955.

Note: Very specific instructions for paint (see above) Sherwin Williams paint used. Took 30 hours more than standard paint time. DHC even took a picture of the airframe.

CF-IFG Stanair Ltd., Calgary, AB.  Cert of Airworthiness #4531 issued and Certificate of Registration issued 08-Jun-1955.

Accident: Un named location- Lat 53°12’N Lon 113°34’W. 24-Aug-1957. While on a landing roll, the tail wheel collapsed on hitting a ditch. Minor damage sustained and no injuries recorded.

CF-IFG Robert Engles on contract to Wardair.

Note: Bob Engles flew on sub contract to Wardair on McGill University research contract in 1958. Later founded NWT Air.

CF-IFG Western Aero Renters Ltd., Edmonton, AB. Circa 1964-1969.

Accident: 35 miles NNE of Lubicon Lake on Loon River, AB. 56.52N 115.20W. 24-Dec-1965. The engine stopped at low level probably from fuel starvation as a result of improper use of fuel valves. Due to lack of height engine could not be restarted nor could a suitable landing area be selected. The fuel pressure warning light was found to be not fully functional after the accident. This may have been a contributing factor in the incident. The aircraft was force landed in willow trees receiving substantial damage. No injuries reported.

CF-IFG Gateway Aviation Ltd., Edmonton, AB. Regd at least prior to Cert of Airworthiness dated 13-Nov-1970.

Accident: Benaiiah Lake, NT. 63.26N 112.30W 09-Aug-1972. The aircraft crossed the lake at low level and then banked steeply to the left to avoid a 200ft hill. The left wing tip struck spruce trees and then the ground causing the aircraft to cartwheel and fire broke out. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair & written off. The pilot was killed; one passenger died and three others seriously injured.

CF-IFG Removed from CCAR after accident in Aug-1972.