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c/n 206
51-16466 sparkling in the sunshine.
Photo: www © Unknown date - via Sid Siko

c/n 206



51-16466 US Air Force #1028. L-20A No: 029 Command AF-1. Available and accepted on 22-Feb-1952. Delivered 07-Mar-1952.

Destroyed in accident 04-Apr-1955

USAF History

51-16466 was made available to the AMO (Air Material Overseas) unit of the USAF at Downsview & was initially delivered from Toronto to the Air Research and Development Command at Edwards AFB on 07-Mar-1952 and allocated to the 6510th Air Base Wing from 11-Mar-1952 until 09-Sep-1952. It was then assigned to the Alaskan Air Command at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, and allocated to the 39th Air Depot Wing from 09-Sep-1952 until 01-Apr-1953. On re-designation this became the 5039th Air Transport Sqd on 01-Apr-1953 until 13-Apr-1953, the 5039th Air Base Group between 13-Apr-1953 and 17-Apr-1953, the 5th Liaison Wing from17-Apr-1953 until 11-Sep-1953, and the 5025th Maintenance Wing from 11-Sep-1953 until 12-Oct-1953. Staying at Elmendorf it was re assigned to the 5th Liaison Wing from 12-Oct-1953 until 25-Mar-1954, but is reported as having suffered category 2 damage (minor/medium) in an accident at Skwentna, AK., on 23-Dec-1953 during a takeoff accident whilst attached to the 5039th Air Transport Group. The pilot was Pilot Earl G. Goodwin.

Emblem of 5039th AT Squadron.

It was assigned to the 5025th Maintenance Wing from 25-Mar-1954 until 17-May-1954, the 5th Liaison Wing from 17-May-1954 until 01-Jun-1954 and finally the 5039th Air Base Wing from 01-Jun-1954 until written off in a landing accident at Fire Island, 12mi. SW of Anchorage, AK., on 04-Apr-1955. The pilot was James H. Hadlock.