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c/n 621
CF-HNL gets tied up.
Photo:  Unknown photographer  ©  1959 - Ruben Husberg Collection

c/n 621



Entries preceded by dates are extracts from Canadian Department of Transport archives.

7-May-1954 Allotment of registration CF-HNL to DHC for DHC-2 c/n 621.

14-Jun-1954 Certificate of Airworthiness #4436 issued.

15-Jun-1954 Certificate of Registration #13098 issued to Dunany Investments Ltd., Montreal, QC. (Private category).

CF-HNL. Dunany Investments Ltd., Montréal, QC. Certificate of Registration #13098 issued 15-Jun-1954. Delivered 21-Jun-1954.

Note: Roy L. Robertson also on record as initial operator.

CF-HNL Possibly leased to Northern Wings, Sept Iles, QC.

Accident: Pipmuccan Lake, QC. 28-Jun-1954. Aircraft made a heavy landing on rough water and bounced causing minor damage to starboard rear float strut. Pilot H. P. Boudreau of Northern Wings. Note this date is a week after delivery.

Note: Operated by Wheeler Airlines Ltd.,(when inspected in June 1955).

14-May-1957 Application for registration by Saskatchewan Government Airways.

27-May-1957 Certificate of Registration #17201 issued to Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, SK (Saskair).

CF-HNL Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, SK. Regd 27-May-1957.

Accident: Location unknown.14-Apr-1960 Unable to take-off from small lake in sticky snow. Unable to stop in time and ran into muskeg at end of lake, G. Horne uninjured. Aircraft damage unknown.

30-Aug-1965 Application for registration by North Canada Air Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. (Norcanair).

02-Sep-1965 Conditional Sale Agreement between Saskair and Norcanair for sale of assets including DHC-2s CF-GCU, CF-GQJ, CF-GQY, CF-SAU & CF-HNL.

03-Sep-1965 Certificate of Registration #35113 issued to North Canada Air Ltd.

CF-HNL North Canada Air Limited, Prince Albert, SK. Circa 1967.

Accident:-12 nm. SW of Uranium City, SK. 59°28’N 108°55’W . 03-Mar-1973. While checking the condition of a winter road southwest of Uranium City SK the pilot encountered bad weather and crashed. Pilot Kerry Higgins injured, passenger Gilbert Ebert killed and Mrs Ebert and child injured.

07-Mar-1973 Norcanair advise Department of Transport that CF-HNL damaged beyond economical repair.

CF-HNL Cancelled CCAR 14-Mar-1973 following accident.

Total hours since new as recorded at Canadian Department archives.

14-May-1957   1,153 hours

27-May-1958   1,670 hours

27-Apr-1959   2,201 hours

03-Jun-1960   3,035 hours

13-Jun-1961   3,640 hours

17-May-1962   4,162 hours

11-Feb-1963   4,589 hours

05-Dec-1963   5,051 hours

28-Dec-1964   5,548 hours

22-Nov-1965   6,196 hours

23-Nov-1966   6,791 hours

15-May-1967   7,314 hours

20-Nov-1968   8,173 hours

01-Dec-1969   8,877 hours

05-Nov-1970   9,693 hours

31-Jan-1972   10,457 hours

02-Dec-1972   11,364 hours

Fate Unknown