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N53BV at a rainy Kenmore Air Harbor.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 20 August 2008
N53BV at Kenmore dock.
Photos: Joe Bush © 06 July 2008
52-6119 with star spangled SAC ribbon, at Davis Monthan AFB.
Photos: Jay Sherlock © February 1972 - Aird Archives
52-6119 at Fairchild AFB., Washington.
Photo: Arnold Swanberg © 1970 - Robert Esposito Collection - Aird Archives
52-6119 serving with DET 15, CARC.
Photo: USAF © 1965 - Johan Ragay Collection


52-6119 • N10017



52-6119 USAF #1281. L-20 No: 282. Command AF-3. Delivered 25-May-1953. Built as L-20A and re- designated U-6A in 1962.

52-6119 Served with US Air Force Rescue Service.

52-6119 Stored at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB, AZ. Arrived 15-Jun-1971 (P/E). It was struck off charge on 29-Mar-1972.

N10017 Shasta Tehama Trinity Joint Community College, Redding, CA. Regd 13-Apr-1972 on USCAR at 01-Oct-1994.

N10017 Wipaire, South St Paul, MN. Regd 21-Jun-1999. Canx 10-Apr-2004.

N10017 Loren L. Olsen, Cordova, AK. Regd 19-Apr-2006. Canx 27-Oct-2006.

N10017 Pendril Sound LLC., Portland, OR. Regd 01-Nov-2006. Canx 20-Jun-2008.

Airworthiness Date: 10-Jun-2008.

N53BV Pendril Sound LLC., Portland, OR. Re-regd Jun-2006 & 06-Aug 2014 addressed as c/o Richard Emerson, McMinnville, OR.

Accident: Kenmore, WA. 04-Aug-2008. After landing and on the step in a 10-knot wind, direction 45 – 50 degree crosswind, the wind sheared further left into a tailwind. After veering to the left the pilot applied strong right rudder to counter the yaw but the aircraft’s right wing tip hit the water causing substantial damage to wing tip and aileron. SEA08CA171.

N53BV Pendril Sound LLC., McMinnville, OR. Regd 22-Jun-2018.


USAF History

52-6119 was made available on 01-May-1953 and accepted on 20-May-1953 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was delivered to the Air Research Development Command at Griffiss AFB., NY., and the Rome Air Depot. The record card shows it being converted to EL-20A standard in July 1953 and then moved to the Air Proving Ground at Eglin, FL., and the 3201st Air Base Wing on 22-Dec-1953. Here it remained until 12-Jan 1955 at which point it reverted to being an L-20A.

It was now re-assigned to the Air Defence Command and moved to Washington DC, on 21-May-1957 for the District of Colombia Defence Command, where it remained until 21-Mar-1958. It next appeared with the 325th Fighter at McChord AFB., WA., and on 30-Apr-1958 moved over to the 325th Maintenance Support Group.

Emblem the 325th Fighter Wing

It next found itself assigned to the Air Material Command from 16-Jan-1959 with a three month stay at Minneapolis – St Paul for maintenance, departing on 16-Apr-1959 and returning to its previous unit at McChord. It next passed to the 917th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron at Puntzi Mountain Air Station, British Columbia from late in 1959 until 13-May-1960 and then returned again to the 325th at McChord until 03-Mar-1961.

A move to Truax AFB for the 327th Fighter Group (Air Defence) from 03-Apr-1961 was next on the agenda. Like many of the Beavers it next found itself with the Logistics Command at the Fairchild facility at Hagerstown, Maryland from 02-Apr-1963 but this was relatively short lived as it was assigned to the Strategic Air Command on 30-Jun-1963 at Dyess AFB., TX., where it joined the 96th Strategic Aerospace Wing. The aircraft’s further history is still to be researched but we are aware that it served at Fairchild AFB., possibly with the 3636th Combat Crew Training Wing until 15-Jun-1971 when it passed to MASDC at Davis Monthan AFB., AZ., until 29-Mar-1972 when it was struck of charge.