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N9968F rather neglected at Houma, Louisiana.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © April 1985 - Aird Archives
56-0420 resting at Davis-Monthan facilities.
Photo: Jay Sherlock © May 1976 - Aird Archives
56-0420 with companions at MASDC.
Photo: Dave Ostrowski © 1976 - Hendrik van Broekhuizen Collection - Aird Archives
56-0420 at McEntire Army NG Base near Eastover, South Carolina.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1974 - Aird Archives
56-0420 visits Santee, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 05 September 1971 - Aird Archives


56-420 • 56-0420



56-420 US Army # 1759. L-20 No. 760. Command A-11. Delivered 27-Jan-1958. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Note: Originally serialed as shown above but in approx 1965 it would have had had the additional “0” added to conform with US Army & USAF agreement on numbering to represent the service the aircraft operated with.

56-0420 South California National Guard, 51st Aviation Group. Circa 1974. wfu 28-Feb-1975.

56-0420 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 28-Feb-1975 to 31-Aug-1976. PCN (Product Control Number) UD073.

N9968F Civil Defence, Houma, LA. Dates  Unknown.

Note: The marks, N9968F, were poorly applied and it clearly spent virtually 10 years with it daubed on It is doubted that the marks were ever really registered properly. It was almost certainly only a reservation at best - probably no proper paperwork.

Fate Unknown