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c/n 169
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c/n 169



51-16472 USAF L-20A #1009 L-20A No: 10. Command AF-1. Delivered on 12-Jan-1952.

Cannibalised 03-Mar-1955

USAF History


The aircraft was available on 21-Dec-1951 and accepted on 31-Dec-1951. It was assigned to the Alaska Air Command and delivered to Ladd AFB., Alaska, on 12-Jan-1952, where it was initially allocated to the 5064th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. On 01-Jun-1953 it moved to the 5th Liaison Squadron at Elmendorf, where it remained until 15-Mar-1954 followed by two weeks at the 5025th Maintenance Group until 01-Apr-1954 before going back to the 5th Liaison Squadron until 30-Apr-1954.

A move back to Ladd AFB saw it attached to the 5010th Photo Reconnaissance Squadron until 20-Jan-1955. It had an accident at Barter Island Alaska on the 15th January 1955, when it crashed in controlled flight. The pilot was Erwin Charles King. It was passed to the 5001st Maintenance Squadron until 09-Feb-1955 and finally the 5001st Operations Squadron where the decision was taken to cannibalise the aircraft. Its assignment terminated on 03-Mar-1955.

Emblem of 5001st Operations Squadron