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c/n 1446
N610LC a knock out shot by Baldaur!
Photo: Baldaur Sveinsson © 19 October 2013
N610LC caught taking a break.
Photo: Unknown photographer © July 2013 - Aird Archives
N610LC at Akureyri 2012 Fly-In.
Photos: Ken Hurford 23 June 2012
N610LC at Hella Fly-in.
Photos: Kristof Vandermoere © 19 July 2008
N610LC now resident in Iceland.
Photos: Baldur Sveinsson © 10 June 2008
Photos: Remko van de Bunt © June 2008
N610LC in Iceland, with small registration only.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Aird Archives
XP776 in Africa.
XP776 being "packed up" for the trip to Canada.
Photos: Mark Blok © Atlantic Aircraft Salvage
XP776 after accident at Bura.
Photo: via R.B. © 29 December 1963

c/n 1446

XP776 • C-GPAB • N610LC • C-FPWH(4) • N610LC • TF-ABK



de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield, UK. Delivered 24-Oct-1960 to Hawarden, Chester, UK., via Liverpool Docks. First flight 14-Feb-1961 or 16-Feb-1961 (as per notes by John Cross) - and awaiting collection at 10-Mar-1961.

XP776 Delivered 28-Mar-1961 to 2MU at RAF Sealand, North Wales, for shipment to Middle East with XP-773 & 774

Arrived Eastleigh, Kenya on 18-May-1961 and taken on charge by 8 Independent Recce Flight RAF Eastleigh, Kenya 26-Jun-1961.

Accident: 21-Sep-1961. Suffered Category 3 damage (Lost tail wheel on take off), but re-reclassified as category 2 and repaired.

Returned to 8 Independent Recce Flight.

Accident: Bura, Kenya. 29-Dec-1963.. Originally recorded as Category 3 Incident later re-classified as Category 2. Recovered 03-Jan-1964. Dismantled and struck off charge in Jan-1964. Tail plane in evidence at Wilson / Nairobi in Jan-1976 and Aug-1994.

C-GPAB Atlantic Aircraft Salvage Ltd., Enfield, Nova Scotia. Regd 07-Oct-2002.

Note: Airframe seen at Sealand Aviation Ltd., Campbell River, BC, Nov-2002 still in AAC colours so unlikely to have had a Kenyan registration.

C-GPAB Deleted 09-Jun-2004 on export to USA.

N610LC Beaver Aircraft & Leasing, White Bear Lake, MN. Regd 27-Aug-2004

N610LC Loren L Olsen, Cordova, AK. Regd 23-Mar-2006

C-FPWH(4) Structures Unlimited, t/a Parsonage & Associates Inc., Edmonton, AB. Regd 26-Nov-2007. Canx 10-Dec-2007 and deleted 12-Dec-2007 on export to USA

A/W Date: 24-Dec-2007. Category – Normal.

N610LC  Loren L. Olsen, Cordova, AK. Regd 21-Dec-2007.

TF-ABK Arngrimur Johannsson, Strangata 3, 600 Akureyri, Iceland. It is unclear whether the aircraft ever wore these marks or were officially registered.

N610LC Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT. Regd 04-Jun-2009.

Crashed 09-Aug-2015 at Barkárdalur valley on Tröllaskagi, west of Akureyri, Iceland. Owner injured and passenger killed.

My sympathy goes to the family and friends of the American ferry pilot, also best wishes to Arngrimur Johannsson for a safe recovery from his injuries.

It is my understanding that this aircraft was bound for Gatineau, Québec, to join the private collection based there. I believe the aircraft encountered a severe downdraft, from which it was unable to recover. Having extra fuel on board did not help the final outcome.

Destroyed x