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CF-EYT on Lac Atilla, James Bay Hydro Area, Québec.
Photo: Rick Wilbee ©
CF-EYT at Ottawa - Uplands with new paint.
Photo: John Bogie © Circa 1973
CF-EYT on mooring bouy.
Photo: Jack McNulty © Michael J. Ody Collection
CF-EYT with Anaconda Mines in Labrador.
Photo: John Bogie © Circa 1963
CF-EYT almost down.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Brian Byl Collection





Entries preceded by date are extracted from Department of Transport records held at Archive Canada.

29-Apr-1952 Allotment of registrations CF-EYL to CF-EYZ to de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada Ltd.

15-Apr-1953 Application for Certificate of Registration by Air Services Ltd, Ottawa. Apparently not taken up.

17-Apr-1953 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release by unknown pilot. (Illegible signature).

22-Apr-1953 de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada advise Department of Transport DHC-2 c/n 487 CF-EYT will be owned by Laurentian Air Services Ltd.

23-Apr-1953 Entered on the Register of Canada (paper certificate issued 26-May-1953).

CF-EYT Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON. Delivered 24-Apr-1953

Out of paint shop 18-Apr-1953. Birch grey and Navy Ble trim..

26-May-1953 Certificate of Registration #11874 issued to Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON.

26-May-1953 Certificate of Airworthiness #3958 issued.

12-Feb-1963 Flight Permit #201 issued for tests of FluiDyne Flilite 6000 skis, to be marked CF-EYT-X.

CF-EYT-X Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON.,12-Feb-1963.

28-Mar-1963 Bill of Sale; Laurentian Air Services to Anaconda American Brass Ltd., Toronto, ON.

28-Mar-1963 Application for Certificate of Registration by Anaconda American Brass Ltd., Toronto, ON.

(Unknown date, Certificate of Registration for Anaconda seems to be missing).

CF-EYT Anaconda American Brass Ltd., Toronto, ON. Mar-1963.

Note: On the Department of Transport file in 1965 it is  noted that the aircraft was maintained and occasionally used by Laurentian while owned by Anaconda, but then …….(illegible).

18-Jun-1971 Bill of Sale; Anaconda American Brass to Laurentian Air Services Ltd.

18-Jun-1971 Application for Certificate of Registration by Laurentian Air Services.

20-Jun-1971 Certificate of Registration issued to Laurentian Air Services Ltd, Ottawa.

CF-EYT Laurentian Air Services, Ottawa. ON. Regd 20-Jun-1971.

Note: There are a couple of good photographs of CF-EYT with Laurentian and with Anaconda in “FOR THE LOVE OF FLYING, THE STORY OF LAURENTIAN AIR SERVICES” (Metcalfe-Chenail). Shown above - in case you don't have this excellent book!

14-Jun-1973 Sales Contract; Laurentian Air Services to Kipawa Air Service Inc/Gilbert Vaillancourt, Kipawa, QC. $67,750 with floats.

02-Aug-1973 Application for Certificate of Registration by Kipawa Air Service Inc.

27-Sep-1973 Certificate of Registration issued Kipawa Air Service Inc., Kipawa, QC.

CF-EYT Kipawa Air Service Inc., (Air Kipawa) Kipawa, QC. Regd 27-Sep-1973.

Accident: 110 nm, magnetic track 085 from Poste de la Baleine, QC. 56°09’50”, 74°50’24”W. 16-Sep-1981 The pilot and a forestry engineer were on a forest fire survey flight en route Lac a l’Eau Claire to Poste-de-la-Balein. The aircraft struck trees along rising terrain located between two relatively high-cliffed hills. On-scene investigation revealed that the aircraft initially contacted a tree with the right float and the ground with the left wing tip, indicating a steep bank to the left. The aircraft then struck the surface, cartwheeled for about 150 feet, and burst into flames. A detailed examination of the wreckage was not possible due to the severity of the damage. However a piece of a propeller blade was examined and it was determined that the engine was turning at high rpm at the time of impact. (LP391/82) The ELT failed to function because of a depleted battery pack which was two years past its expiry date. Pilot Donald Macief and passenger killed. The aircraft was damaged by fire.

CF-EYT Canx 21-Dec-1982 & deleted from register 21-Jun-1989.

Total hours since new as recorded in Department of Transport records.

26-Apr-1954   531 hours

19-Apr-1955   1,055 hours

25-May-1956   1,561 hours

12-May-1960   3,381 hours

15-May-1962   4,157 hours

24-May-1963   4,599 hours

17-May-1965   5,146 hours

16-May-1966   5,371 hours

04-Dec-1968   6,259 hours

26-Nov-1969   6,589 Hours

30-Nov-1970   7,079 hours

24-Nov-1971   7,796 hours

09-Nov-1972   8,213 hours

19-Nov-1973   8,792 hours

31-Oct-1974   9,747 hours

21-Nov-1975   10,262 Hours

15-Nov-1976   10,924 hours

15-Nov-1977   11,377 hours

27-Nov-1978   11,840 hours

18-Nov-1979   12,280 hours

28-Feb-1980   12,308 hours

16-Oct-1980   12,578 hours

Presumed destroyed