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c/n 765
53-7947 the end of the line.
Photo: Chuck Ross © early 1968

c/n 765



53-7947 US Army #1488. L-20 No. 489. Command A-4. Delivered 18-Feb-1955. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

53-7947 Operated in Vietnam with an unknown Signal unit.

Incident: Destroyed at Can Tho by mortar fire. Poss. Spring 1968.

Note: Chuck Ross wrote regarding the photo showing the remains of U-6A # 53-7947 at Can Tho, probably spring of 1968. “This was not one of the 156th Aviation Co. (RR) airplanes. It belonged to a signal unit and was just parked in our revetments. Behind it you can see the dipole antenna on the wing of an RU-6A # 54-1667 (795), one of ours. The sand-filled structures did their job this night and damage was confined to this one aircraft. Poor old 37947 was struck by a mortar round, pretty much directly under the forward fuel tank. Not visible here, it blew off one of the rocker boxes on one of the lower cylinders and stuck the jagged piece of metal in the door frame of our tech supply tent, directly behind the camera position. The explosion of the mortar round probably did very little of this damage. I'd guess that most of it was done by erupting 115/145 octane avgas in the fuel tanks.

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