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55-3486 / S-2 at Eindhoven.
Photo: J. A. Engels © 20 November 1967 - Aird Archives





55-3486 US Army #1616. L-20 No. 617. Command A-8. Delivered 25-Jul-1956. Built as L-20A. Re-designated U-6A in 1962.

S-2 On loan under Military Assistance Programme to Koninklijke Luchtmacht  /  Royal Netherlands Air Force. Delivered on board S.S. American Trapper. 24-Nov-1956.

S-2 300 Squadron / GpLV at Deelen AFB., from 07-Oct-1966. 334 Transport Squadron, Valkenburg, later Ypenburg.

Accident: Near Harskamp, Netherlands. 23-Apr-1968. A parachutist, jumping out of a higher flying aircraft, collided with this aircraft; entangling on tail empennage. Subsequently the Beaver crashed in a meadow between Garderen and Elspeet. It was Damaged by fire and written off. There were three persons in the aircraft. The pilot and the parachutist died of their injuries.

Fate Unknown