CF-FHR a waiting the arrival of spring at Cochrane, Ontario.
Photo: Dave Brown © March 2020
CF-FHR a 1949 Beaver!
Photo: David Jaremy © 26 June 2010
CF-FHR at Tukanee Lake base looking great.
Photos: Neil Aird © 12 September 2003
CF-FHR in early White River Air titles.
Photos: Mark Merry © Date unknow - Aird Archives
CF-FHR in her element.
Photo: Unknown photographer © - via Lenn Bayliss Collection
CF-FHR at Noranda, Québec base.
Photo: William Haines © 23 October 197* (*something)
CF-FHR of Laurentian Air Services on location.
Photo: © Ben Byl
CF-FHR changeover to floats at Ottawa - Uplands
Photos: Ben Byl © 1967/68 - via Brian Byl
CF-FHR at Uplands in winter garb.
Photo: Unknown photograper © via Dirk Septer Collection





Certificate of Airworthiness # 3073 & Certificate of Registration # 7974 issued 17-May-1949.

• CF-FHR Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON. Delivered 18-May-1949. Canx 1973.

Note: Sold by Laurentian with floats, wheel-skis and VHF radio.

Accident: Ottawa Seaplane Base, ON. 23-May-1952. The aircraft was lying at moorings when it Beaver CF DJI collided with it when being taxied by Air Engineer, T E Muir. The aircraft turned over and sank having received substantial damage in the collision and through immersion.

Accident: 5 Ml E of Rockland ON. 4530N 7416W. 25-Nov-1969. The aircraft was in a ski/wheel configuration. The pilot had just delivered a passenger to Hawkesbury and had taken off enroute for Ottawa. Approx 24 minutes later while near Rockland the oil pressure dropped. The pilot selected a field in which to make an emergency landing after shutting off the engine. During the final approach the pilot noticed a five ft. ditch traversed the field. The aircraft struck the ditch on the landing roll. The oil pressure was due to a loose plug in the C.S.U . Substantial damage to the aircraft. No injury to pilot recorded.

• CF-FHR Northwestern Airways, Noranda, QC. Regd 1973. Poss. for a short period as does not show on our records.

• CF-FHR Air Brazeau Inc / Roger Forgues Rouyn, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness dated 24-Dec-1975 Sold 1979.

• CF-FHR Guy Bilodeau, Senneterre, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness dated 22-Mar-1979.

• C-FFHR White River Air Ltd., (420966 Ontario Ltd.), White River, ON. Canx 21-Jul-1986.

• CF-FHR White River Air, (612372 Ontario Ltd.), White River, ON. 06-Jun-1988 & 01-Oct-2009, and 22-Jan-2021.