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VP-FAK at Downsview - CYZD, Ontario.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 24 February 1967 - Michael J. Ody Collection


VP-FAK (2)


VP-FAK (2) Falkland Islands Government Air Services. (FIGAS). Delivered to Stanley Racecourse via South America as a landplane on 22-Mar-1967.

Note: Purchased new (painted red overall) from DHC by FI Govt for FIGAS and, accompanied by Beaver VP-FAL, departed Downsview as a landplane on 22-Mar-1967 for Pittsburg, PA; Florence SC and Fort Lauderdale FL. Left there 25-Mar-1967 and routed via Panama; Tolara & Lima, Peru; Antofagasta, Puerto Montt & Punto Arenas, Chile to Stanley Racecourse where it arrived, with VP-FAL, on 30-Mar-1967.

• tt 5,490 hours.

Note: Converted to a floatplane and flight tested by I. T. Campbell in early Jun-1967.

Accident: Mare Harbour, Falkland Islands. 14-Oct-1976. Capsized and sank. The pilot I. Campbell, tragically drowned but the sole passenger was later found clinging to a rock and saved with no major injuries. Carried by the tide the superficially damaged aircraft beached itself, inverted at Johnson’s Island. It was duly recovered and taken to Stanley by the “MV Monsunen” a small British coaster on 17-Oct-1976. unauthorized dual flight.

A combination of damaged sustained during the salvage operation, and corrosion which developed while hangared awaiting the outcome of the accident investigation, led to the aircraft being declared "beyond economical repair" and it was reduced to spares and scrap. In Oct-1984 a wing from the aircraft was seen lying in the grass at Moody Brook and the fuselage was reported to be outside the AAC hangar on Murray Heights, Stanley.

Note: The ferry pilots for the two Beavers were John Weston & James Averill. Who flew which is not confirmed.

Reduced to spares