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c/n 375
51-16565 of Gunnery Range Support.
Photo: Clay Jansson © 23 March 1966 - David W. Menard Collection

c/n 375



51-16565 USAF #1181. L-20 No: 182. Command AF-1. Delivered 09-Oct-1952. Built as L-20A and Re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16565 Operated with 432nd TRW, Udorn RTAFB., Thailand. From Aug-1966 until written off Dec-1966.

Accident 95km SSW of Korat [14.167°, 101.700. -Thailand 28-Dec-1966. When with the 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Crashed following engine failure. Two crew survived. Aircraft written off.

Written Off

USAF History

51-16565 was made available on 19-Sep-1952 and accepted on 24-Sep-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command at Alexandria AFB., LA., and the 6th Liaison Squadron on 10-Oct-1952 where it remained until 06-Jun-1953. From here it was deployed to Langley AFB., VA., still with the 6th Liaison Sqd until moving across to the 405th Fighter Bomber Wing remaining until 01-Aug-1954. It then passed to the Air Material Command location at Robins AFB., GA., and the Warner Robins Air Depot where it remained briefly until 13-Aug-1954 and then returned to the 405th FB Wing at Langley. But only for ten days as on 23-Aug-1954 it was attached to the 4405th Operations Squadron a move lasting until 08-Dec-1954.

It now had an assignment with the Air Research & Development Command at Wright Patterson AFB., the acronym for the unit was WR-DCN, but it has not been possible to ascertain the meaning. The period it remained was from 08-Dec-1954 until 18-Jan-1955. The aircraft returned to the 4405th Op Sqd at Langley for a couple of weeks until 01-Feb-1955 after which it returned to Robins AFB and the WR-DCN. This time it remained until 17-Nov-1955. Again it returned to Langley AFB and the 4405th Ops Sqd. This time it remained until 31-Jul-1962 with the re designated 4500th Support Squadron and then the 4500Air Base Wing.

Emblem of the 4500th ABW

Like many other Beavers at around this time it moves to the Fairchild Aircraft Company facility at Hagerstown, MD on 23-Oct-1962 staying until 11-Jan-1963 after which in was assigned to the Strategic Air Command joining the 55th Strategic Missile Wing at Forbes AFB., Topeka, KS.

Its further USAF history is to be researched.