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c/n 217

51-16467 playing a part in busy USAF ramp scene.
Photo: Unknown photographer © U.S. National Archives (K-10160c)
51-16467 over Nevada Nuclear Test Ranges
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1953 - USAF Official Photograph

c/n 217



Note: Serial number initially allocated to c/n 157 which actually became 51-16573

51-16467 USAF #1036. L-20A No: 37.Command AF-1. Available and accepted on 29-Feb-1952. Delivered 20-Mar-1952.

51-16467 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrival date unknown  Inventory code HS???.

51-16467 US Army from late 1966 / early 1967.

Fate unknown

USAF History

51-16467 was made available and accepted on 29-Feb-1952 by the AMO (Air Material Overseas) unit of the USAF at Downsview then initially delivered from Toronto to the Air Research and Development (ARD) Command at Kirtland AFB., with the 4901st Support Wing from 20-Mar-1952 to 01-Apr-1952. Still with the ARD and the Special Weapons Wing (SPW) it moved between Indian Springs with the 4935th Air Base Squadron and the 4901st Support Wing at Kirtland a couple of times until 10-Aug-1954 when it moved to the Air Material Command at Norton AFB., California until 03-Sep-1954.

A move back to the SPW at Indian Springs with the 4935th Air Base Sqd. followed prior to a transfer to Kirtland, the Air Force Material Command and the SPW with the 4900th Air Base Group between 19-May-1955 and 01-Jun-1956.

A trip back to Toronto, presumably for updates lasted from 31-May-1956 until 29-Jun-1956 and then a return to the ARD and the Special Weapons Wing with the 4900th Air Base Wing from 29-Jun-1956 – 13-Jul-1956, then back to Indian Springs and the 4935th AB Sqd. from 13-Jul-1956 – 08-Aug-1956 and again to Kirtland, 4900th AB Wing from 08-Aug-1956 – 31-Aug-1956.

Indian Springs features again in the story with the 4950th Test and Evaluation (TE) Group from 31-Aug-1956 – 07-Feb-1957 , still with the ARD and SPW, with a transfer over to the 4935th Air Base Sqd. between 08-Feb-1957 – 20-Feb-1957.

A move over to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and the Holloman Air Defence Centre (HLDC) lasted from 14-Mar-1957 – 15-Oct-1957 with the HLDC becoming the Air Force Missile Development Centre (MDCCE) on 01-Sep-1957.

The next posting was back to Kirtland still with the Special Weapons Centre from 15-Oct-1957 – 05-Mar-1958 before a move abroad to the Pacific Island of Eniwetok in the Marshall Islands. Eniwetok AFB was a Special Weapons Centre base testing Atomic Weapons. This posting lasted from 05-Mar-1958 until 17-Sep-1958 followed by a return to the US mainland and McClelland AFB, California and the Air Material Command with the Sacramento Air Repair and Overhaul Centre from 17-Sep-1958 – 20-Feb-1959.

A further return to the Special Weapons Centre at Kirtland followed for a month 20-Feb–20-Mar-1959 before going to St. Paul AFB and the North American Corporation Maintenance Facility unit until delivered to Indian Springs from 31-Jan-1960 – 09-Oct-1960. A change of Command was next to the Tactical Air Command (TAC) and the 4520th Combat Crew Training Wing at Nellis AFB, Nevada between 09-Oct-1960 and 10-Sep-1963. The aircraft was re-designated U-6A in 1962.

A return to the Special Weapons Centre, firstly at Kirtland and then Indian Springs, took its history up to 15-Feb-1964.

Further research on microfilm to follow.