CF-GQA checks out Widgeon Lake.
Photo: Tyler Clay © 12 September 2015 - via Gerry Clay
CF-GQA sporting floats, at Tyee Spit.
Photos: Rod Hall © 11 September 2015
CF-GQA at Langley, British Columbia.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 12 May 2011
Photo: Gerry Clay © 08 February 2011
C-FGQA on the first outing of the 2004 season.
Photo: Karl E. Hayes © 04 May 2004 - Aird Archives
CF-GQA getting the paint stripped at Buttonville.
Note CF-ZZJ (1019) in background.
Photo: Gary Vincent © April 1973
CF-GQA resting on her mooring bouy at Rockcliffe.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © 05 June 1966 - Aird Archives





• CF-GQA Hollinger Ungava Transport Ltd., Sept Iles, QC. Delivered 19-Apr-1950.

Accident: Menihek Lake. 13-Mar-1952. During a landing and after touching down the aircraft struck a snowdrift that caused it to swing towards the bush with which it came into contact. Minor damage and no injuries suffered to the pilot T. A. Carrothers.

Accident: Mile 29 Mont Joli, QC. 24-Jun-1952. The aircraft was taxied out into open water by a maintenance engineer in a wind that was gusting up to 45 m.p.h. The engine was revved up to 2000rpm to check the ignition system. While at that engine speed and with the wind helping the aircraft it became airborne before the engineer realised what was happening. Being unfamiliar with the flying controls they were apparently moved in a manner to cause the aircraft to ground loop on the water. This caused the right wing to contact the water which ended up with the aircraft in an upright position  but with the engine cockpit and left wing under the water and the tail of the aircraft above the water at an angle of approx 80 degrees. Substantial damage was caused to the aircraft. No injuries suffered by the engineer W. E. Key.

Accident: Small Lake, 25ml north of Grace Lake, QC. 23-Feb-1953. While attempting to take off the aircraft san into three feet of slush. Finally after take off the aircraft did not climb as normal and required more backward pressure than usual on the stick. The reason for this was that the trim pulley in the tail cone had become frozen on takeoff with the accumulation of water in the tail cone. The aircraft clipped the tops of some trees. Minor damage suffered by the leading edge of the right wing and tail plane. Pilot D. E. Paton.

Accident: Mont Joli, QC. Date currently unknown. Whilst operating for Hollinger Ungava Transport aircraft collided with ground on takeoff. Aileron controls had been crossed during immediately preceding maintenance. Pilot suffered fatal injuries and an engineer flying as a passenger suffered severe injuries.

• CF-GQA Labrador Mining & Exploration, Montréal, QC. Circa 1964.

• CF-GQA Laurentian Air Services, Ottawa, ON. Circa 1967.

• CF-GQA Severn Enterprises Ltd., Thunder Bay, ON. Circa 1968.

• CF-GQA Brochu Industries, Montréal, QC. Circa Apr-1970. Canx 27-May-1982.

• C-FGQA Cargair Ltée., St Hubert, QC. Based St. Michel des Saints, Lac Kaiagamac. QC. Regd 27-Sep-1982 and re-regd from CF-QGA, 18-Apr-2000. Canx 20-Sep-2007.

• C-FGQA Air Mont-Laurier (1985) Inc., Rivière Rouge, QC. Based Lac Tibériade, QC. Regd 09-Oct-2007 Canx 31-Jan-2008.

• C-FGQA Cargair Ltée., St. Hubert, QC. Regd 21-Oct-2008. Canx 02-Sep-2009.

• C-FGQA Air Mont-Laurier (1985) Inc., Rivière Rouge, QC. Based Lac Tibériade, QC. Regd 02-Sep-2009. Canx 31-Jan-2010.

• C-FGQA Jesleran Holdings Ltd., Aldergrove, BC. Regd 29-Apr-2010.

• CF-GQA Jesleran Holdings Ltd., Aldergrove, BC. Based Langley, BC. Re-Regd 27-Jul-2010.  Canx 02-Sep-2021.

• CF-GQA 0816614 B.C. Ltd., Coquitlam, BC. Based Pitt Meadows. Regd 02-Sep-2021.