C-GHGN at Yellowknife, NT.
Photos: Daniel Acton © 09 July 2017 - Aird Archives
C-GHGN "one of a kind", shown here at La Ronge, SK.
Photos: Dale Tiedeman © 10 September 2006 - Aird Archives
C-GHGN at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan..
Photos: Kevin Wiggins © March 2004 - Aird Archives
C-GHGN  with 600 hp PZL power plant.
Photo: Clarence Hogan © August 2001 - Aird Archives
N115LA caught hiding in a hangar.
Photo: Rich Hulina © Date unknown - Aird Archives
C-FCNR of Wings of Hope at Mirabel airport - CYMX.
Photo: Alain Rioux © 25 May 1985 - Aird Archives
CF-CNR hiding in a hangar at Oshawa, Ontario.
Photo: Neil Aird © circa 1976
CF-CNR on the ramp at Oshawa - CYOO, Ontario.
Photo: Peter Keating © 1976 - Aird Archives
Photo: Photographer unknown © Date unknown - via Dave Qually  
G-ANAR at Baginton, Coventry, UK.
Photo: Tim Badham © 1970 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © 13 July 1968 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © July 1967 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © Aird Archives  
G-ANAR visits the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 23 July 1960 - Aird Archives
G-ANAR on display at Farnborough.
Photo:de Havilland © 1958 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1956 - Ian MacFarlane Collection - Aird Archives
G-ANAR on test flight.
Photos: Unknown photographer © Wayne Mutza Collection - Aird Archives
XN142 on a visit to Gutersloh, Germany.

With civil ident blanked out!

Photo: Barry Flahey © 1958
G-ANAR in early publicity shot.
Photo: de Havilland - Unknown photographer © 20 August 1953
CF-GQE-X with test equipment.
Photo: de Havilland Canada - Bombardier © DHC unmarked print


CF-GQE • G-ANAR • XH463 • G-ANAR • XN142 • G-ANAR • CF-TVD • CF-CNR • OB-M-275 • OB-M-1275 • CP-2075 • N115LA •



• CF-GQE de Havilland Canada, Downsview, ON. Regd 13-Jun-1950. Used as a demonstrator.

• CF-GQE-X de Havilland Canada, Downsview, ON. Date unknown

• CF-GQE Eclipse Consultants, Oshawa, ON. Regd 13-Jul-1953. Canx Sep-1954

Note: Prototype DHC-2 Mk. II Beaver. Originally received an Alvis Leonides 502/4 engine with revised tail and increased span wings. First demonstrated at the Farnborough (September) SBAC in 1953.

• G-ANAR De Havilland, Hatfield, UK, Regd 15-Sep-1953.

• XH463 Ministry of Defence (RAF) 14-Sep-1954.

Note: Evaluated for RAF during Exercise “Battle Royal” Sep-1954.

• G-ANAR De Havilland, Hatfield, UK. Regd 15-Sep-1953.

Note: Exhibited at Farnborough Sep-1956.

• XN142 Ministry of Defence (Army Air Corp trials). 03-Oct-1958.

• G-ANAR Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd., De Havilland Division 17-Jul-1963.

• G-ANAR Alvis Ltd., Bagington, Coventry. Aug-1965. Canx 06-Aug-1971 on return to Canada.

• CF-TVD Eclipse Consultants. Oshawa, ON. Regd 19-Aug-1971.

Note: Certificate of Registration and Ferry Permit for importation flight Telexed to Eclipse for CF-TVD to fly London UK-Toronto via Goose Bay.

• CF-CNR Charles N. Robinson Ltd., Regd 29-Nov-1971 until circa 1978. Based at Oshawa, ON.

• CF-CNR Eclipse Consultants. Oshawa, ON. Permit valid to May-1981.

• CF-CNR 371892, Ontario Ltd., Peterborough, ON. Canx 29-May-1985.

• CF-CNR G. W. Martin Logging Ltd. Canx Jul-1986.

Note: A Pezetel-3S power plant fitted 1984/85.

• CF-CNR Les Ailes D’Esperance Inc., Montréal, QC. Canx 10-Jul-86. Donated by Wings of Hope (Canada).

• OB-M-275 Alas de Esperanza, in Peru.

• OB-M-1275 Alas de Esperanza, in Peru. Re Regd.

• CP-2075 Les Ailes D’Esperance, Medallin, Colombia. Regd 10-Jul-1986.

• N115LA Wagner Foundation Ltd., Lyons, WI. Regd 21-Dec-1994. Canx 30-Jul-1996.

• N115LA Greenwood Industries, Lighthouse Point, FL. Regd 16-Sep-1996. Canx 03-Aug-1999. Removed from register 19-Sep-1996.

• C-GHGN Tasty Aviation Ltd., Fort St. James, BC. Regd 03-Aug-1999. Canx 08-May-2004.

• C-GHGN Points North Air Services, La Ronge, SK. Regd 08-May-2004. Canx 09-Jun-2004.

• C-GHGN Transwest Air Limited Partnership. By its General Partners 101008427 & 101008427 Saskatchewan Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Regd 09-Jun-2004. Operating at Wollaston Lake, SK. Canx 17-Aug-2008.

Note: For sale by Lauriault Aviation, at Feb-2008 for $392.000Cdn.

Mods include: Wipaire 6000 floats, wing tip tanks, 5,370-lb gross weight update, stall fences and bars, battery to firewall, Wiper cabin extension. Wipaire Skylite windows.  Kenmore domed cabin door windows. Cleveland wheels and brakes.

Colour scheme: Overall cream with dark green metallic fuselage top, dark green metallic fuselage top, wing and tail fin bands.

• C-GHGN Kississing Lake Lodge (Wings over Kississing), Steinbach, MB. Based Channing, (Flin Flon), MA. Regd 04-May-2010. Canx 08-Apr-2013.

Total Time: 3,367 hours at Oct-2010.

• C-GHGN Curtis Donohue, Spiritwood, SK. Regd 07 & 08-Nov-2013.