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BV-3 of Ilmavoimien Esikunta awaits tasking.
Photo: Scan from Robert S. Grant Collection - The Aviation Museum of Central Finland
Photo: : © Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo - The Aviation Museum of Central Finland




• Delivered 24-Nov-1961

BV-3 Ilmavoimien Esikunta

• Crashed Tampere 06-Nov-1962 • 1 inj

• On take-off engine stopped and BV-3 collided with a house and was destroyed.

(See article below)

Final disposition unknown

The photograph and article shown below is from the newspaper "Aamulehti" published on 07 November1962. It describes how BV-3 was destroyed. The pilot Lieutenant Pertti Tolla (nowadays he is Lieutenant general) was flying alone from Kuorevesi to Tampere and that he was given, from Tampere air traffic control, landing instructions. One minute later, air traffic control heard on the radio "emergency landing". After this message air traffic control sent a fire truck and ambulance to search the plane. It was found about 800 metres from Tampere airport, destroyed, and up against Mrs. Hilda Heikkilä´s sauna building. Pilot Pertti Tolla was injured but alive.

My thanks to Harry T. Hyvonen for sending this article and the top scan of BV-3.

Photo/Article: Aamulehti © 07 November 1962