c/n 864
VP-YMP at Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1959
Photo:  Brian Robbins © 1959

c/n 864




No regn de Havilland Aircraft South Africa. Delivered 16-Jan-1956.

VP-YMP Federal Government of Northern Rhodesia. Salisbury. On register at 01- Jul-1957.

ZS-DYA Hawker Siddeley, Johannesburg. South Africa. Regd Jul-1964.

5N-ACW Aero Contractors Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria. Regd 24-Sep-1965.

Accident: Warri River, Midwest State, Nigeria. 14-Nov-1968. The aircraft was leased to J Ray McDermott Construction Co. flying a regular route from Lagos to the various construction sites up country. On the day of the accident the amphibious float-equipped aircraft took off from Warri airstrip for the three-minute flight to the river with wheels extended and on landing flipped over and came to rest inverted. Initially the occupants were-seen trying to escape but two large containers of Red Lead oxide burst open on impact and hindered the escape by possibly blinding or suffocating the pilot and two passengers. It is believed the occupants did not survive the accident. (Details courtesy of Tony Mabilis).

Fate Unknown