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c/n 299
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c/n 299



51-16514 USAF #1111. L-20 No: 112. Command AF-1. Delivered 01-Jul-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16514 Struck off charge from USAF on 06 Apr 1965 as reclamation.

Fate unknown

USAF History

51-16514 was made available on 11-Jun-1952 and accepted on 20-Jun-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was assigned to the Tactical Air Command. It was delivered to Biggs AFB., El Paso, TX., on 01-Jul-1952 and joined the 1st Liaison Squadron remaining until 22-Jul when it moved to 3rd Liaison Squadron at George AFB., Victorville, CA. It was then re-assigned to the Air Material Command and went to the Sacramento Air Material Area, at McLellan AFB., California on 08-Dec-1952 and on to Burbank, San Francisco, CA., on 22-Jan-1953 prior to embarkation to Japan and being assigned to the Far East Air Force.

Arriving in Japan on 29-Jan-1953 it was initially with the 6408th Maintenance and Supply Unit at Kisarazu before joining the 3rd Liaison Squadron at Komaki on 10-Apr-1953. The aircraft moved with a section of this Unit when it moved to Johnson AFB., Tokyo on 14-Apr-1953 and it stayed for over a year until 29-Apr-1954 after which it returned to the same unit at Komaki until 01-Sep-1954. It was then back to Johnson with the 3rd for a further six months ending on 15-Mar-1954 and then fifteen months at the same location with the 3rd Light Bombardment (BL) Wing.

Emblem of the 3rd BL Wing

The aircraft was then assigned to the Pacific Air Force and found itself in Taiwan, initially at Taipei, with the 13th Air Force and the 1st Detachment from the 26th November 1957 until 22-May-1958. It remained in Taiwan until at least 28-Apr-1962 swapping between Taipan and Taipei Air Force Bases some 40 times. The units quoted are SMPAR, Air Force HQ Detachment (AFHDT), Air Force HQ (AFHHQ), NMPAR, 6214th Tactical Air Training (TAT) Group, AMP AAITT, 6213th SUT Wing, 13th Air Force HQ, and then at the end of the assignment with the 405/40th Fighter Wing both at Taipei from 27-Apr-1964 and at Clark AFB in the Philippines from 21-Jan-1965.

It is later reported at the 6200th Military Air Transport Wing at Clark AFB in the Philippines after which it is recorded as being struck off charge from the USAF on 06-Apr-1965 as a “reclamation”.