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• Civil Aircraft •

Photos: Ken Marshall ©

YV-C-AMX Vickers V.749 Viscount (95) Linea Aeropostal Venezolana. Prestwick 15 February 1968. Crashed into a hill on Margarita island, Venezuela 14 August 1974.
31 December 2010 - "Hogmanay" - Sad News:

Kenneth Bryce Marshall (1942 - 2010) passed away on this day. RIP "Kilomike" I will miss you Ken, as will many who knew you.

Ken has entrusted me with his slide collection. Here are the first images for us all to enjoy. Here I present some of his Civil aircraft from his extensive collection. I started this project on May 26th, 2011 after the slides arrived, brought to Kingston by his good maritime friend Steve Peck.

OO-CTK Douglas DC-6B (43831) Sabena. Shown here at Renfrew Airport, in August 1965. This was a familiar sight at Prestwick as G-ASTS of Caledonian.
N1281 Douglas DC-6A (44075) International Airlines, at Heathrow in July 1965. Went to Canada as C-GBYN with Conifair. Canx 04 June 2002 became N6174C with NAC.
PH-TRC Douglas DC-6B (43560) Transavia at Glasgow in July 1967. Ken inadvertantly clipped the nose off when taking the slide, I added it using my Photoshop skills, I think Ken would be happy!!
F-BGSL Douglas DC-6B (43558) UTA at Turnhouse, January 1966.
YU-AFE Douglas DC-6B (43552) Adria, Ken sometimes had to hang around for these charters. Here she lands at Glasgow (Abbotsinch) 29 July 1966.
YU-AFB Douglas DC-6B (45564) shown fuzzily at "dusk o'clock". Glasgow (Abbotsinch) on 14 July 1967. This is really 7451 of the Yugoslavian Air Force.
N100J Douglas DC-6B (43143) Canadian Javelin Corporation. 30 June 1964 at St John's, Newfoundland. the former United N37542.
PH-MAM Douglas DC-6B (44257) Martinair Holland. Prestwick 10 December 1967. I snapped this earlier as PH-DFB of KLM at Prestwick, when it was a regular visitor - see below
PH-DFB Douglas DC-6A (44257) KLM "General C. J. Snijders" gets attention prior to departure. Originally delivered to KLM as PH-TGB in 1954. Photo: Neil Aird © 13 July 1959
TF-LLB Douglas DC-6B (44118) Loftleidir "Snorri Sturluson". Prestwick in December 1966.
I-DIMP Douglas DC-6B (44417) SAM - Societa Aerea Mediterranea. Prestwick in 04 July 1965.
N806SW Douglas DC-8 55F (45817) Seaboard World at Prestwick, 09 March 1969
N801SW Douglas DC-8 55F (45692) Seaboard World. Prestwick in August 1965. For a while in her later career she was 45692/F-RAFB of French Air Force/ADLA
N4906C Douglas DC-8 (45862) Capitol Airways at Prestwick 13 August 1967. Note unusual registration presentation N-4906-C.
N1509U Douglas DC-8 (45858) Braniff. Prestwick 08 July 1967. On a Seaboard World sub-lease.
N8783R Douglas DC-8 (45684) Trans Caribbean , a regular at Prestwick, shown here on 10 September 1967.
N8783R Douglas DC-8 (45684) Trans Caribbean , on a "driech" Prestwick stand in May 1967.
• Some of the Regulars •
PH-DCS Douglas DC-8 (45683) KLM "Alfred Nobel" at Prestwick on 29 June 1968.
PH-DCU Douglas DC-8 (45859) KLM "Sir Winston Churchill" at Prestwick, 07 September 1969.
CF-CPM Douglas DC-8-53 (45809) CanadianPacific "Empress of Lisbon" at Prestwick 26 July 1980.
CF-CPQ Douglas DC-8-63 (45928) Canadian Pacific. "Empress of Hong Kong" at Prestwick 04 May 1969. Also served later with Worldways as C-FCPQ.
CF-CPS Douglas DC-8-63 (45929) Canadian Pacific. "Empress of Sydney" at Prestwick 25 May 1980.
CF-CPT Douglas DC-8-55F (45858) Canadian Pacific. "Empress of Santiago" arrives at Prestwick on 07 August 1970.
CF-TJV Douglas DC-8-61 (45892) Air Canada "862". Prestwick 29 June 1968.
N806WA Douglas DC-8-63(CF) (46145) World Airways. 20 July 1980
N910CL Douglas DC-8-63(CF) (46094) Capitol International Airways. 04 April 1980
N788FT Douglas DC-8-63(AF) (46008) Flying Tigers. 29 August 1982.
C-GRYN Boeing 707-338C (19623) Ontario Worldair. Ex VH-EAC. August 1980.
N29796 Boeing 707-351C (19209) InterAm. 08 August 1982.
SP-LAD Ilyushin IL-62M (41604) LOT. 30 July 1980.
G-ASGB Vickers Super VC-10 srs 1151 (852) BOAC. 27 September 1969.
G-ASGN Vickers Super VC-10 srs 1151 (864) BOAC. 15 June 1968. The ill fated hijacked aircraft.
G-ASGO Vickers Super VC-10 srs 1151 (852) BOAC. 21 December 1968.
G-ARTA Vickers VC-10 srs 1100 (803) British United. 22 June 1969.
G-ARPP HS Trident 1C (2117) BEAC. 13 November 1971.
Here is a sample of a knockout civil day, 12 May 1976. Obviously a day of many charters for the European Cup Final at Hampden Park. Some colourful Carvelles for you now.
EC-CUM Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 10B3 (212) TAE - Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces.
F-BUZC Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle VI-R (094) Minerve.
F-BUFH Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle III (123) aerotour. Note: I flew in this aircraft when it was HB-ICU Zurich to Stuttgart 07 June 1969.
PH-TRU Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle VI-R (102) TRANSAVIA HOLLAND.
EC-BRX Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 11-R (261) TRANSEUROPA.
N8300E Lockheed L-1329 Jetstar 731 (5115). 29 August 1982.
HB-VBB Gates Lear Jet 23 (23-045A). 25 August 1968.
9Q-CZF Curtis C-46D Commando (33132) Congofrigo. ex Delta N9884F "104". Must have made the day when it arrived with sister ship 9Q-CZE (22358) on 09 April 1967.
9Q-CZE Curtis C-46D Commando (22359) Congofrigo. Prestwick 09 April 1967. Ex Delta N9873F "101".
N5076N Curtis C-46D Commando (22405) Capitol Airways. Prestwick circa July 1965. Had been leased to Lufthansa and passed through Prestwick back on 08 September 1964.
XA-LUT Convair 440 (405) ex EC-AMV Iberia. 09 August 1981.
N847TA Convair 440 (474) ex HB-IMU Swissair. 21 September 1980.
EC-DCB de Havilland DHC-7 (3) ex Spantax. 03 May 1981.
F-WZLP Grumman/DHC/Conair S-2F Firecat (DHC29) ex 1530. 16 July 1982.
G-BGPC de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (635) Loganair. 06 June 1980.
G-BELS de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (530) Dan Air Metropolitan. Date unknown.
N12ST Lockheed L100-30 Hercules (4388) Transamerica. 04 April 1980.
N17ST Lockheed L100-30 Hercules (4333) Transamerica. 06 June1980.
N101TV McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF (46800) Transamerica. 06 June 1980.
N101TV McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF (46800) Transamerica. In typical July weather - 20 July 1980.
CF-NAM Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation (4832) Nordair. A regular for a few years at Prestwick. Shown here departing on 07 August 1966.
CF-NAM Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation (4832) Nordair. At Prestwick on 25 February 1968. Ended up being abandoned at Sao Tome when with Canairelief in January 1970.
YV-C-AMX Vickers V.749 Viscount (95) Linea Aeropostal Venezolana. Prestwick 14 January 1968. Note differences to the aircarft from the image banner at the top of this section. Here it shows a "name" and the word "Viscount" on the nose. later it has a blank circle and "Jet Prop" just one month later. I'm presuming it went to Bournmouth/Hurn for some work?
VP-BCF Vickers V.707 Viscount (31) Bahamas Airways. Prestwick 19 November 1967. It was once EI-AFW of Aer Lingus. Finally b/u at California City, CA., in December 1977.
VP-BCD Vickers V.702 Viscount (72) Bahamas Airways. Prestwick in November 1964. Later became G-APOW and b/u East Midlands February 1970.
G-AVED Vickers V.7798D Viscount (286) BKS Air Transport Ltd. Prestwick in June 1967. Started out as Northeast N6593C and was eventually b/u at Newcastle in November 1970.
SE-CNL Vickers V.784D Viscount (300) Falconair Sweden, shown here parked at Abbotsinch on 16 April 1969. Ex PI-C770. Ended up at Arlanda for fire practice late 1972.
PH-FSG Fokker F-27-300 Friendship (10186) leased to Luxair. Prestwick 04 February 1967.
EI-AKD Fokker F-27 Friendship (10109) Aer Lingus "Flannan" at Renfrew in July 1965. Ended up as N143PM of Business Express.
EI-APC Bristol B.170 Freighter Mk.31E (13072) Aer Turas Ireland. The former G-AMLJ and Aer Lingus EI-AFR being fuelled at Prestwick, 18 February 1968. b/u as F-BTYO in France in 1976.
G-APWB Handley Page HPR.7 Herald 101 (150) BEA at Turnhouse in January 1966. Crashed as HK-718 at Villavicencio, Colombia 02 November 1973.
G-APWE Handley Page HPR.7 Herald 101 (153) British United Airways at Abbotsinch in June 1966. b/u November 1985.
CF-NAC Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 206 (167) Eastern Provincial Airways. (Scanned from textured print!)
CF-EPC Handley Page HPR-7 Herald 202 (159) Eastern Provincial Airways. Darting off to Canada.
G-AVXJ Hawker Siddley HS-748 Series 2 (1462) Civil Aviation Authority. 01 August 1978.
G-JSSD BAe JP-31 Jetstream 31 (227). 17 August 1980.
G-AMFU de Havilland DH.104 Dove (04117) Scottish Aviation Limited. 08 August 1967 at Prestwick. Ex VP-KDE and now preserved at Aviodome as OO-SCD.
G-ARYM de Havilland DH.104 Dove (04529) of British Insulated Callendars Cables at Prestwick 11 May 1969. b/u Exeter 30 June 1978.
G-AWFM de Havilland DH.104 Dove (04079) of Fairey Surveys at Prestwick 09 June 1968. Now back in SAA Museum as ZS-BCC.
G-AVVF de Havilland DH.104 Dove 8 (04541) at Prestwick 15 May 1968.
G-ANUW de Havilland DH.104 Dove 6 (04458) of MoA. At Abbotsinch, July 1966. Just love the cranes. Ended up at North Weald, Essex, noted there February 1996 and at Long Marston in February 2003. Noted again, this time on 31 July 2010 at East Midlands on display at the Aeropark..
G-ALCU de Havilland DH.104 Dove 2 (04022) of Dunlop Aviation Division at Biggin Hill July 1965 Now in Midland Air Museum painted as G-ALVD.
EC-DDS Beech C90 King Air (LJ-747). 04 April 1980.
G-BHOG Sikorsky S-61N (61-825) Bristow Helicopters. 05 September 1981.