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London Air Port - EGLL
Some antique views from the Queen's Building. Go ahead - test your spotting skills!
OO-SCS Convair 440 (374) of Sabena arrives from Brussels. In the background you can see quite a selection. Cunard Eagle Vickers Viking and Douglas DC-6, Skyways Avro York, BEAC Vickers Viscount and Vickers Vanguard. Photo: Neil Aird © 22 July 1961
OO-SRC a fairly new Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle (66) of Sabena is shown passing a selection of BEAC aircraft. Vickers Viscount, de Havilland Comet 4B and Vickers Vanguard. A distant Douglas DC-4 Skymaster completes the picture.
D-ANUN Vickers V.814 Viscount (338) of Lufthansa looks on as new HB-ICW Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle (33) of Swissair passes in front of EI-AKD Fokker F.27 Friendship (10108) belonging to Aer Lingus. An elderly Skyways Avro York is parked on the south side. A Douglas DC-3 is also parked in the distance. Photo: Neil Aird © 18 July 1961
Venerable HB-IBE Douglas DC-6B (43275) "Geneve" of Swissair arrives with an audience of several BEAC Vickers Viscount and a lone EC-AMT Convair 440 (403) of Iberia. As usual the far side holds an exciting array of aircraft. Photo: Neil Aird © 19 July 1961
HB-IML Convair 440 (365) gets fueled as a new kid is towed past. Delivered new to Swissair in 1956. Sold in 1958 as HR-SAU, then CP-1332.xxxPhoto: Robert W. Webster © c.1960
CS-TCC Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle (137) of TAP heads out. Note the I-DIWO Douglas DC-8 (45601) of Alitalia and sister ship of CF-TJG (45609) Trans Canada Airlines near the Douglas DC-3 Dakota. A Bristol Britannia and Douglas DC-6 grace the far side, amongst other airliners. Photo: Neil Aird © 22 July 1961
YU-ADB Convair 340-58 (177) of Jugoslovenski Aerotransport - JAT arrives. This airframe is believed preserved in the former Yugoslavia since 1972. Photo: Neil Aird © 22 July 1961
EI-ALA Boeing 720-048 (18041) "St Patrick" of Irish International arrives. I later did a few flights on these machines. There was the opportunity to join the New York bound flight from Dublin, and ride the short sector to Shannon, for a very low price!
SP-LPA Convair 240-12 (153) of LOT. This rather fuzzy picture is included as it shows two Vickers Viscount of BEAC, one in old livery and one in the new.
PH-LLD Lockheed L.188C Electra (2009) "Jupiter" of KLM in Air Ceylon titles. An Air France F-BHBJ Lockheed L-1049G Constellation (4639) still performs her shuttle to and from France. In the distance a selection of Vickers Viking and Douglas DC-4, DC-6 and DC-7 are parked at engineering. Photo: Neil Aird © 19 July 1961
PH-LLH Lockheed L.188C Electra (2015) "Pluto" of KLM and D-ANUM Vickers V.814 Viscount (368) Lufthansa. Photo: Neil Aird © 18 July 1961
Delivered just two days earlier, G-APEI Vickers V.953 Vanguard (712) "Indefatigable" of BEAC awaits passengers as F-BHRQ Sud Aviation SE.210 Caravelle (46) of Air France, taxis to her stand. A BEAC Vickers Viscount looks on. Two Douglas DC-3 Dakota and three more Vickers Vanguard are over on the east side. Photo: Neil Aird © 22 July 1961
G-APEE Vickers V.953 Vanguard (708) "Eurylus" of BEAC swings in front of an Aer Lingus Vickers Viscount, and arrives on stand. N7321C a Lockheed L-1648A Starliner (1024) pokes her tail out of a hangar on the south side. Photo: Neil Aird © 22 July 1961